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Its been a really long time since I got my create on and made a wish list. I'm not sure about you but theres something quite therapeutic about making a little organised list of all the things I've been lusting over. I love me a good list. I've recently been introduced to Hype clothing, I know I know, where have I been right? And well, now I have I'm well and truly HOOKED, so much I'm now more than aware of the Hyped clothing shaped hole in my wardrobe that's in urgent need to be filled *cough* It's my birthday in March *cough* ;)

1) HypexPokemon Team Rocket T-shirt

Ok, so I'm starting off with a banger, I need this shirt in my life more then anything else because reasons but manly because James, myself and Cassie are like the real Team Rocket. Minus the fact I hate being called Jesse. . . . PLUS it's on a galaxy background, need I say more?

2) Meowth Embroidered Crewneck 

I am so in love with this HypexPokemon collaboration and having developed a penchant for crew necks recently [namely because of the horrific weather. . . . ]  I have taken to wearing them under my bomber jacket as a snuggly duo to keep me warm until this cold snap we're recently in the middle of stops. This Meowth version would be the purrfect [lol such wit] addition to my winter wardrobe.

3) Hype Backpack Holographic Polka Black

It's a metallic backpack, what's not to love? It's practical AND satisfies my metallic obsession, plus its got all this contrasting black hard wear that gives me all the heart eyes.

4) Hype Bolt Mandala T-shirt

Ah, I adore this. It's perfect for festival season. I'm not usually one for the monochrome thang but I was very much drawn to the design of this. I'm a HUGE tattoo advocate and this very ,much echo's the work of some of my favourite artist's. Get in my wardrobe plz.

5) Hype Script Beanie

I love beanie's, I've been practically living in mine this winter and in my aforementioned fave bomber and crew neck combination, this little number would finish off the duo perfectly.

What do you think to my Hype picks? What would be on your wish list?

I'd love to know in the comments below <3

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*The post is collaboration with Skate Hut but as always the views are 100% my own :) 

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  1. I very nearly bought that same bag on ASOS the other day. But I got the sequinned Miss Selfridge one instead.
    Very cool list, I don't actually own anything by Hype, although I've known about them for a while, but I'm gonna have to take a look now I know they have pokemon stuff!!!

    1. oooo good choice, also I need to see this sequin one! x


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