Hopes and Dreams for 2017

Ok, so I know you don't need a milestone in time to make changes and shit but a new year or whatever undeniably for most means reflection. Reflection is a really good thing.

2016 was a good year for me, I've never really had a standout year where on the 31st of December of that particular year I was happy to be finally rid of.

2016 was the year I reached a bunch of personal goals and targets. The only one I was unsuccessful with was learning to drive. Purley because, I'm uninterested in doing so, it's costly and it's so freaking boring. But not bad going to say I managed to do everything else I wanted to with my year. I haven't found it a wasted year.

I am 27 in March. I'm terrified by this. My heart sank a little bit as I typed the number out. I feel like I should have a house I own not rent, I should have a decent income, I should have savings coming out of my ears and basically my shit together.

I have none of the above things.

However, I do have my happiness, my contentment. I've banished a lot of demons and for good, there's one or two I'm working on but to have the most part put to bed I think that's pretty good going?

This year I learned to let things go. To stop holding grudges and thinking what if and imagining silly scenarios in my head where the things I think about all the time, didn't happen. It's time-consuming, it's exhausting and quite frankly not healthy. Since letting those things go I'm a hell of a lot happier, heck I've even been able to form friendships I never thought I would. Reflection is great, I'm just really thankful that I had enough time to realise so.

I got a job in the industry I wanted to be in. This was my main aim and I managed to do it in the second month of 2016. I was so bloody proud of myself, my hard work, determination paid off. I couldn't believe I was actually one of those people that had a job they actually wanted, to do something they dreamed of. All that happiness and sense of achievement was snatched from me just 2 and a half months into it. I was left devastated and quite honestly used, a mug. I had to go back to a job that I loathed, that made me ill. I let myself be sad for a day and then combatted with bad news by being proactive. I spruced up my CV, applied for a ton of jobs and 4 weeks to the day I was told my position was no longer available, I was offered a job as a marketing executive in a well know fashion brand.  I took the job and have never looked back. I love my job, I love it so much that I don't mind Monday's, I even don't mind that I have to get up at 5.30am to catch 3 trains to get to work for 8.30am.

We moved out of Selby. Something I have wanted to do for such a long time now. James and I chose a house together, moved away from a toxic little town, full of toxic ''friends'' which I guess has helped massively in the finding contentment. we ''feng shui'' our lives removed ourselves from negative energy and created space for the positive energy we craved. We live in a spacious and lovely little cottage, full of character that is ours and only has been ours together.

I started working out again, and properly. I started to get back into running, something I have loved to do since I was a little girl. I even ran 2 races this year, something I thought I would never ever do but I did it. Tne sense of achievement was overwhelming. I even beat my P.B on my second race. I started up at pole class. Something I never ever thought I would ever do. Also something I didn't have the confidence to even enquire about. I'm so happy I made the leap and took that first class. My instructor, Katie is one of the most hard working, determined and inspiring women I have ever met. I have so much respect for her. She sets out to do something and smashes it. She's an excellent teacher, caring and patient. I love my weekly lessons.

So 2017, what do I want from you?

I want to become financially stable, thus meaning building up my savings so they're looking healthy again. Get my outgoings under control i.e not having to live on rice a quorn the last week of the year because I've run out of money. I'm setting up a help to buy ISA so by the time James and I are 30 we will have enough money to buy our own house.

I want to be able to run a half marathon, building up to then a full marathon a year later. I want to be in the best possible physical shape of my life. I'm so determined to do so.

I want to take my level one in pole and smash it. I want to get stronger, I want to crack moves and trick's I never thought in my life I would never be able to do. I'm going to fully commit myself and see how far I can go.

I guess I should learn how to drive lol. Purley to give my poor old Jim Jam a break.

I'm going to get my relationship with food under control. I'm not going to send 2017 wracked with guilt because I ate a chocolate bar. It's controlled me for far too long.

I want to learn new skills, I'm going to master photo and video editing. I'm going to learn how to sew and make my own clothes.

I'm going to be more creative. I'm going to set a side time to create again, be it painting drawing anything.

What are you to smash this year?

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  1. Loved reading this Jess, I just know 2017 is going to be our year!

  2. If you need any help learning to make clothes you know where i am. This year I'm going to try be less scared and do more things for myself without feeling guilty for doing so. Xx

    1. I would absolutely love to Charlotte thanks! That’s a good one, I should really do more stuff that scares me too! x

  3. Loved everything about this. I think focusing on what your body can DO in pole dancing class, rather than what it looks like will be a huge help in keeping your food fixation in check. I'm 28 and I'm sitting my driving test this week so you're not the only one who's left it really late to learn! x

    1. Thank you lovely, I think its a much healthier outlook. ooo good luck! xx

  4. This made me so happy to read - I'm so proud of you!

    Love you girl <3 #dreamteam

    1. Aww your comments made me feel all warm and fuzzy <3 ILY2

      We are the #dreamteam ^_^ xxx

  5. Good luck with the half marathon. I did the half marathon before hoping to build up to the marathon but then I realized I hated running :P I also need to get my relationship with food under control. I keep going on massive binges. 2017 will be our year though. I'm hoping to get lots of things accomplished.

    Laura | misslaurabora.com

    1. Thanks girl! Haha, I love to run so hope I can do it ^_^ well done one the half!
      Good for you lady, I hope you achieve everything you set your mind to <333


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