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Crosley vinyl Player Paramore

 Oh My. If you're anything like me you'll currently be undergoing a huge bout of January blues. January kinda gets a raw deal in terms of it being one of the worst months due to the anti-climax of Christmas the month before. The Christmas break seems like forever ago, you have all this new year pressure to make a resolution or some profound thing when all you really want to do is eat a whole Terry's chocolate orange in one sitting with no judgement. You have to go back to work [ew] the dark mornings [double ew] you're broke cos the aforementioned Xmas and living off Tesco Value baked beans and bread where you've had to pick the mould off. Think I'm joking. . . .

So we're all in agreement January needs a bit of a perk me up right? One of the arguably best instant mood lifters is a bomb AF playlist to help you through the long wait till summer [yey] whether it's a playlist to accompany you and make your morning commute to work that little more bearable or help spur you on and keep you pumped at the gym, I asked my nearest and dearest [James, Charlotte and Pip] what their feel good songs are and why and put together a list with the help of HMV and created a fail safe playlist of tracks that are an instant mood lifter.

Crosley vinyl Player ParamoreCrosley vinyl Player Paramore

1) Chocolate - The 1975
2) Ryn Weaver - Octahate
3) Breno Mars - 24K Magic
4) Paramore - Misery Business
5) Panic at the Disco - Time to Dance
6) Little Mix - Black Magic
7) Lights - Up we go
8) Katy Perry - Birthday
9) Lady Gaga and Beyonce - Telephone
10) Journey - Don't Stop Believing
11) The Middle -Jimmy Eat World
12) Hey Julie - Fountains of Wayne
13) Fall out by - Dance Dance
14) Cobra Starship - Kiss my Sass
15) Rhythms - Sum 41
16) First Date - Blink 182
17) A Day to Remember - Have Faith in Me
18) Pvris - Holy
19) Beyonce - Diva
20) The Cure - Love Cats
21)Cher Llyod - Want U back
22) Miley Cyrus - #GETITRIGHT
23) CHVCHERS feat. Hayley Williams - bury it and rise above
24) New Found Glory feat Hayley Williams - Vicious Love
25) Bring Me The Horizon - Follow you

What would be in your feel good playlist and why :)? 

Crosley vinyl Player Paramore
*The post is collaboration with HMV but as always the views are 100% my own :) 

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  1. Ooo there are a good few songs on here I've not heard before! I'll have to go have a listen!

    1. Thanks doll! It's all stuff I've loved since my teens haha! x

  2. Love a bit of Paramore, your record player is darling!

  3. You got some classic golden songs in there thats for sure, April x



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