Two and A Half Years

I've got a little soppy appreciation thang about to happen up in here, you'll be forgiven to click the cross at the top of your browser if sap ain't your thing, heck sap isn't mine but when you fully appreciate someone well it kinda just spills out of nowhere and your past cynical self would be disgusted with the next few paragraphs I'm about to write. But when you meet your best pal its kinda hard not to.

I have been with James 2 and a half years today. 2 and a half years we've been virtually inseparable. 2 and a half years of creating memories, facing tough times and getting to know each other through and through weird habits and all. But you know I wouldn't change a thing about him for the world.

Reasons Jim Jam is da bomb

1) He lets me call him Jim Jam even though he hates it . . . .

2) One time I was really hung over and James would usually trapes up to Subway in town to get me all the carbs but this time, I was like dead. I woke up after a 5-hour epic nap and he had been into town and laid a Subway on my pillow for when I could consume food without feeling queasy

3) He helps me chose what to wear AND is the best shopping partner a girl could ask for

4) We once stayed up half the night having a competition to see who could whisper ''pooey'' in each
other's ear the quietest and we thought it was the funniest thing ever. [we are 12]

5) He makes me laugh a lot

6) He opens my parcels when I online shop, wears what I bought then sends me a picture of himself in it looking sassy as f*uck

7) He's always got my back, no matter what

8) Another time I was a little tender from drinking the night before [I don't have a problem honest] he put on my blue wig and pretended he was having a FRONT DIY  alt girl - equse shoot and paraded around in just his boxers, I still have the image of him having Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets placed strategically between his crotch etched into my mind FOREVER.


10) He's the bet cat dad ever to Cassie my child, even though he hates cats.

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  1. Happy anniversary! The "pooey" thing made me lol - I love weird jokes like this that you get in relationships ☺️

    1. Thank you! Hahaa it was so dumb but funny at the same time. X

  2. Happy anniversary Jess and James! You guys are so cute!!

  3. Numer 6 is HILARIOUS!!! Happy anniversary!

    1. Hahaa oh my god it is so funny. What's not funny is how much better he looks in them then me . . . . X

  4. ADORABLE. Love you millions. x


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