This Weekend and an Ode to my Best Friend

Before we start I have a little PSA: 

Guess which dumb ass lost her camera charger and is unable to take any pictures for her blog this week?

Aye it's me.

I bought a new charger and everything and the bloody thing doesn't even work so things are gonna be a lil quite round here until I re-order a new one which bums me out as I've got a ton of stuff I wanna share and super exciting collabs.

I've got a really packed few weeks coming so I was thinking of dabbling in weekly vlogging even though I freaking hate hate hate video editing mainly cos I don’t know what the frig I’m doing but I’ve decided to try and concur it and make it my bitch. Hopefully.

This weekend has been great, I got to get my make up done all profesh and shit and stay in a hotel in Leeds, I got to spend time with my oldest friends celebrating my best friends wedding. I'm so unbelievably proud of her. She went to San Francisco with her now husband and got married, just the pair of them they went off and did their own thing, they did it their way and I couldn’t be more thrilled for them. We spent the evening laughing, creating memories, drinking way too much prosecco [I’ve got the hang over to prove it] and throwing some interesting shapes on the dance floor [I’ve got the bang over to prove it] oh and not forgetting mine and Charlottes special performance to Lady Gaga’s ‘’Telephone’’ that was erm interesting. . . . .

Theres an episode of SATC where the girl are out having breakfast and they’re talking about soul mates and finding theirs and Charlotte goes onto say what if they’re each others soul mates. It reminded me of my friendship with Charlotte. She picks me up when I’m down, dust’s me off and builds me back up again. I’ve had some of the best times of my 20’s spent with her, be it her rustling up something amazing for tea or going into town and drunkenly hiding in bushes from people chasing us. Making space cakes and watching that frigging duck song on YouTube over and over and ‘’got any grapes’’ being the funniest thing ever. Waking up with a macaroon stuck to her back and then eating it [lol] to sending voice messages to each other repeatedly saying ‘’clam chowder’’ 

Charlotte was Wilson now Wace, we make a good team, I love you man x 

Pictures by the incredibly talented Ryan click here to check out his pics!

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