Books I've read this month - August

Well, I did mean to get this post out a lot sooner but as per I've been run off my feet and well I haven't been as organised with posts as I would like to be, better late then never right?

I started my new job a little over a month ago, as it's a little far away from where I live I had to commute by train meaning I have just over an hour each way of down time all to myself. I've utilised  that time in rekindling my love for reading. I've always loved getting lost in a book since I was a little girl so I've really enjoyed getting back into it. In this new monthly blog post series, I'll be giving a brief overview of each book I read, without hopefully giving away too much. 

The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas by John Boyne

All the feels. I did think however this got off to a slow start. Set in Nazi Germany, it's written from the perspective of Bruno, a 9-year-old boy that's been uprooted from his home in Berlin he loved, to a home situated next to Auschwitz. He meets Shmuel and a forbidden friendship is formed and an unexpected end is met. After reading this book, it stuck with me for a good while unable to stop thinking about what happened at the end. 4/5

The Green Mile by Stephen King

Famed for his horror writing I have always steered clear of anything written by Stephen King. I can't handle anything scary. However, I had watched The Green Mile perhaps 8 or 9 years ago I knew what the general crack of the book was and knew I'd be safe from anything paranormal. Gore/slashers/thrillers I can handle, ghosts or anything demonic it's a huge no from me. I really really enjoyed reading this story, set on death row you live the final weeks of each inmate that are brought to the Green Mile. When the newest inmate, John Coffey is brought down, you soon learn there's something a little different about him and live the strange going's on until John Coffey meets his end with old sparky. If you have or haven't seen the film this is a definite must read. 5/5

Harry Potter And The Cursed Child play by Jack Thorne

Ok so I didn't technically read this in August, I read it on the day it came out, I still wanted to include it as it was basically August just being the day before. As this was written as a script, I didn't know how I would get on with the format but I hardly noticed. I am a huge Harry Potter fan, my grandma would always buy me and my cousins the books the day they came out. I loved the old nostalgia I felt anticipating another story set in the world of Harry Potter. In this, the book is set some years after Harry attended Hogwarts, he Ron and Hermoine have families of their own and we see Harry and Ginny waving Albus off at that famous platform for his first day at school. In a twist of events, he befriends Scorpius, the son of Harry's old rival Draco where they create their own adventure echoing those Albus' father used to get up to.Definite must for any HP fan! 5/5

Ctrl Alt Delete How I grew Up online by Emma Gannon.

Hahaha, this had me in stitches as I felt it was so relatable to my own teens and early adulthood. Emma goes into detail of her experiences of growing up online which a lot of kids born in the early 90s and upwards are currently dealing with. I found this very inspiring with the industry I am in, it's a real thinker. 4/5 

To Go Set A Watchman by Harper Lee

To Kill A Mocking Bird is one of my favorite books ever. This release was eagerly anticipated by myself even though I have only just got around to reading it, it did not disappoint. Set when Scout is 26, she goes home to Maycomb to visit Atticus on her 2-week vacation from New York where she is currently living. But on going back home, Scout discovers something about Atticus that makes her view her father, the only person she has 100% adoration and respect for in a different light. 4/5

What have you guys been reading?

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  1. Thank you thank you thank you! I need some book recs and I've only read 1 of these, so yay!
    :) xx

    1. Oh which one have you read? Green mile is the bomb x

  2. Forever 1000000% jealous of people who can get through so many books! I pre ordered Cursed Child when preorders first opened but still can't make myself read it. I dunno if I ever will. It's just sat on my bookshelf! Glad to hear you liked it 'cause I heard mixed reviews.


    1. Yes I was the same until I got my new job. I just literally didn't have the time to read at all. I'd set up an hour before bed to do so and end up sorting something else.

      Yeah I had heard a mixed reviews too but I did really really enjoy it. X


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