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It's august, It's summer time and more importantly its Vacation time yey! In a matter of 4 days, I'll be off on my travels to Paris for a very well-deserved city break oui!

I plan on going full on tourist mode as it's been a good few years since I last visited one of my favourite cities. I'm thinking, the Notre Damn, Napoleon's Crypt, the Catacombs, saying hey to the Mona Lisa and of course Disney Land eeek!

Now I don't know if it's cos I'm getting old [27 in like 7 months sob] but with all that walking around I wanna be comfy be also somewhat myself. I've gone for a simple crop from BooHoo complete with Hippy slogan and high-waisted shorts from Topshop combo in the hopes it's gonna be hot hot [it better be] Now I tried these shorts on in the store and all I can say is size up and then size up again because those things are small.

An outfit wouldn't be complete without some cute accessories. I am all about anything and everything pastel at the moment, especially when it's in pink. That little obsession started right after I bought my beaut pink jacket from Zara which is all kinds of Kawaii heaven btw. I have been wanting some pink tinted glasses forever but I've put off buying them as I'm unsure if they would even suit me, perhaps they're something I'll just admire from afar.

Now you can't go city exploring without a backpack to carry all your tourist-ing essentials and if it's in pastel pink that's even better, something to brighten up the black on black. Lastly,  I've wanted some white Birkenstocks  forever and to keep up with the ''hippy theme'' these are the perfect addition to my vacation outfit without having to sacrifice the comfort element that I'm all about when picking out my outfits.

What would your perfect Vacation outfit be?

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  1. I love that crop! Perfect holiday outfit x

    1. I *think* ima have to go buy it, it would be rude not to right ;)? X

  2. Ooo I really like the design of that phone case!

  3. THAT BAG! I would /c e r t a i n l y/ take that back to Tokyo w/ me! And girl, it would be rude not to purchase anything... right?!?!

    1. I love the bag so much I think it's my fave of my picks ^_^ x


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