Witchy Vibes with Empty Casket

Empty Casket Garnet Orion Ring

Ok so, I'm a little bit in love with Empty Casket. Why you so? My friends, i'll tell you why. 

~ It began on Instagram ~

No, really it did. Their account popped up on the popular page feed a few years ago now and I was instantly drawn to their witchy goodness and boho chic offerings they had. Being a long time fan of their pretty jewels I have grown quite a collection myself from them. They're my ''go to'' if I'm after something a lil bit weird and a lil bit out there. So obviously I was pretty stoked when I was asked to pick a piece out to debut on this old blog of mine.

Man, it was tough to make a choice, in the end, I had it whittled down to this gorgeous necklacestatement blue stone ring and my two stoned beauty I'm showcasing below.

I opted for Garnet Orion ring because:

1)  I loved the colour of the stones, it's kinda like blood, yum

2) The oh so lovely swirling silver patterns, that to me echo some Victorian era vibes? IDK

3) There's not one, but TWO stones. I really liked the concept of that in this design and it was completely unique to anything else I own

4) Its so PRETTY heart eyes for eva IDST.

When I wear rings, I like to wear a lot a lot at the same time and this has been a welcomed edition to my daily rings I like to wear. I was so pleased with everything about this ring, from the quality to the desgin, even the little gift box and beetlejuice-Esque stripy bag it came in. I'm a sucker for good presenation.

There's a huge boohoo feel to the site, perfect for the upcoming festival season if you're after some new pieces to put the finishing touches to your summer outfits. That or you just want some super jazzy fingers. Get your very own Sterling Silver & Garnet Orion Ring here 

Empty Casket Garnet Orion Ring

Empty Casket Garnet Orion Ring

Empty Casket Garnet Orion Ring

Empty Casket Garnet Orion Ring

What's your fave type of jewellery to wear? Are you a minimalist or a jewel stacker? 

Ring* Empty Casket 

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  1. Im gonna go check out their site, i want a ring like this too! Love your nail colour too ;-)

    1. Thanks chlo! Elegant touch nails doing me good again ;) x


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