25 Facts About Jess

Soooooooo my recent Twitter poll tells me you lovely lot want 25 facts about me [if you voted the witchy OOTD soz, that'll be up next, pinky swear] . That's cool that's cool, it's nice to break up all the #OOTD's with something a lil different. I was kinda looking forward to writing this up, did that sound narcissistic? I hope it didn't sound narcissistic? I realised it's actually really hard to think up of 25 loosely interesting facts that will keep ya'll reading and not skimming trough and giving up at fact 14 ahem. . . .

1) I am still terrified of the dark at 26. Still.

2) I'm kind of a hippie, in the sense that I believe people have auras, karma and Posi vibes

3) I am a veggie and it's hands down the best decisions I've ever made, save the animals!

4) I'm really quite scared of getting old, like it proper irks me man

5) I am a huge Paramore fangirl, like I proper love them, Yano? I also have a huge massive girl crush on Hayley Willaims, like that girl is all kinds of goals. I met her when I was 17 and I thought she was gonna flash me, turned out she just wanted to show me the NFG shirt she had on that matched the patch on my backpack

6) My best Friend Charlotte means the entire world to me. I wish her nothing but happiness, she deserves a bloody medal for putting up with me!

7) Quentin Tarantino is bae. I'm lowkey [fulll on] obsessed with him, his films or anything he has had a hand in. Marry me [sorry James]

8) Contradictive of the above point. I.hate.films I just don't think I have the attention span, I am a four-year-old. It makes James really mad cos he loves them and I'm just like mehhhhh. Unless it's a Ghibli or Japanese.

9) I really really really really live Vivienne Westwood, she's the only designer I keep tabs on, shame my bank balance can't

10) I love art, I have done since I was a child and able to hold a pencil. Serialism if probably my favourite movement closely followed by cubism. Salvador Dali was a genius, I'd like to take a peek into that crazy mind

11) I love to travel, I went away for a year when I was 19 and visited some incredible places including America, Austrailia, Africa, Hawaii and Thailand.

12) Despite my love for travel I really freaking hate planes, essentially my trip to Japan last year consisted of me having a breakdown for 14 hours with all the tears and none of the sleep

13) I love my cat, she brings me endless happiness. I always make sure I give her the love, respect, and life she deserves. I don't ''own'' her, she is a part of my family that lives along side me. She also has really long hair that grows out of her ears and Grinch-Esque toes

~ lol ~

14) My mind and imagination are so odd. It's probably why I'm scared of the dark still and why I hate planes. It likes to get a bit carried away

15) I got my first tattoo when I was 16 [lol]

16) I always lose my debit card, I *think* I'm onto my 9th one this year?

17) I found out I was dyslexic when I was 9, I really really really can't spell, DON'T even get me started on there, their and they're

18) I find the ocean fascinating

19) I like learning about really gruesome things in history, like medieval torture, disease, basically how gross humans lived back when. I also really love ancient history and was in love with the Egyptians and their interpretations of the afterlife etc

20) I really like photography [although I'm not that great, probs amateur at best] and cameras, the older the better. I have a shelf full of really old cameras

21) I think feet are really really gross and hate getting mine out in public hahaa

22) I'm really really shy, then once I get to know people I never shut the fudge up

23) I worry too much

24) I love to run, I'm completing my first ever 10K race in August and I'm terrified I'm going to fail

25) I am consumed by all things Japanese

You did it! You made it well done. Now I'm off to go watch Ocean waves and collapse on my bed with my cat and my boy. Until next time, peace x

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  1. I love this! It's so nice getting to know facts about other bloggers! X

    1. Why thank you ^_^ it took me a really long time to think these up hahaa. Turns out I'm not really that interesting ;) x

  2. Absolutely love posts like this!
    Agreed with so many!
    3 - I'm also a vege!
    10 - Also a huge art fan.
    13 - My cat is my life. My dog has the same grinch feet!
    14 - My imagination is insane & I never stop thinking!
    19 - The more gruesome something is, the more interesting I find it.
    21 - FEET ARE GRIM!
    22 - Also quite shy until you know me & then I'm an insane person.
    23 - Worry far too much, massive overthinker.

  3. Tarantino is bae and feet are disgusting. Also I agree with many of the above points like auras and posi vibes :') really enjoyed reading this! xx

    Kimberley // thecolourchronicles.com

    1. He really is isn't he? I've had an obsession with him as far back as I can remember and used to carry a picture of him around in my purse . . . . Xx

  4. I loved these! My boyfriend and I are both obsessed with serial killers so I totally get the torture fascination!

    1. Thank you ^_^

      Oh man I'm glad it's not just me then being a little weirdo haha! X

  5. I loved finding out more about you! I love photography too and wish I had lots of old cameras! They are so pretty xx

    Thrifty vintage fashion

    1. Ah thank you lovely! I hope the above 25 doesn't make you think I'm a creepy weirdo that loves her cat way too much ;)?

      I love your photography, I wish I was half as good as you! X

  6. Fact number 5 when you thought Hayley was gonna flash you lol! That was so funny!! I am also consumed by all things Japanese! Love this post (n_n)

    skinnydecxflatte.blogspot.com xo

    1. Haha I really thought she was going to! Thank you x

  7. I HATE FILMS TOO!!! I thought it was just me! I just can't sit and concentrate on it for such a long time


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