This weekend I did nothing and I loved it.

This weekend I did no blog prep and I didn’t feel bad. Usually I would of used a 3 day weekend to my full advantage, doing all the blogger things and being all the blogger things and again I didn’t feel bad.

I’ve not been posting as frequently because . . . . I just haven’t wanted to. I haven’t wanted to put together outfits, I haven’t wanted to think of content, a new way of sharing a post. I haven’t wanted to try and be witty. Try being the key word in the sentence guys.

What I have wanted to do is spend more time with James, my friends and I’ve really enjoyed doing nothing, slowing down and spending time on my personal hobbies.

This weekend, James’ best friend visit from Manchester, we then went to our other friends house where we lived, decorated his house for when he came with birthday balloons and banners and shouted surprise when he came home with his girlfriend. We drank, laughed and danced. I may have drunk a bit too much, I may have even decked it and I may have woken up with carpet burn on my face because of it. . . . [You’re 26 Jess] we longed out ordered take out and watched The Big Bang Theory all day.  I was grateful for my friends, how loving and caring they are. We also built some bridges.

I also conquered my manual focus fear with my camera, I learnt about apature. I walked round Howden, where I live with James and took a ton of pictures, I felt like myself I didn’t feel like I was forcing anything. The shots aren’t perfect, I look forward to that journey but I taught myself a new skill.

I liked this weekend.

And now because I have forgotten about my blog and not fretted I’ve had creative block and focused on other things I’ve wanted to do inspirations coming back.


  1. Ahhh I'm glad you had such a good weekend. Idk what it was but this was such a heart-warming post! xx

    Kimberley //

    1. Thank you lovely, it was so nice to just do what I wanted to do :) x

  2. I've been doing the exact same thing! I'm not very well just now and I've been putting so much pressure on myself for no reason! Well done for taking some time off for yourself x

    1. Ah same! I keep worrying about not posting and then when I kept trying it just seemed all forced. Hope you get your motivation back soon! x


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