Laundry day

Alternative summer style

I seemed to have slipped out of blogging and gone back to my old ways when I first started up this little space of mine, perhaps only blogging once maybe even twice a week if you guys were lucky. Lucky being used her loosely guys. But for some reason life is so hectic at the moment and i’m so drained from it leaving me with little time to prep and update my blog as frequently as I would like to. Such first world. Then the guilt comes and well yeah I feel all kinds of bad.

So the plan is this week to get two post out for you lovely lot and heres hoping that this time next week i’ll have got my shit together and normal service will resume on Iamfoxxtailz.

Eat.Sleep.Breath. my blog

Again, just how I like it. 

Hey remember that beaut weather we had way back when? I know I can hardly remember it myself. I decided to crack out the jazziest trousers I own and don them with my lucky cat tacky T I picked up and brought it all the way back from Japan last year. I fell in love with what seemed to be a vintage inspire design, whilst mentally prepping outfits I could style this beauty up with I knew I had to have it. Crazy how creatively hits when shopping, any excuse to spend money on novelty cat shirts. 

To make this outfit a little more then a standard tshirt and jazzy pants combo, I decided to tuck the top into my bra [lol] and make it into a crop to style it up a bit. Kinda like that thing you did at primary school with your school top where you looped it at the front of your top and pulled it trough 
and your mam would go bat shit crazy cos you stretched it all out again #sozLiz  

Obviously in a bid to not make all my blog pictures samey the best place to take pictures was my utility/outhouse where I hung out with my washer and dryer for this set. Cass decided to make a guest appreance and be all adorbz and will i’m expecting her to invoice me for her time soon. Payment in dreamies is her preference. 
Soz about the cigs, they’re the result of one too many house parties we have and well I don’t smoke [gross] and refuse to pick ‘em up ;). 

Alternative summer style

Alternative summer style

Alternative summer style

Alternative summer style

Alternative summer style

Alternative summer style

T-shirt Japan | Trousers River Island | Shoes Primark 

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  1. Super cute! I'd pick up one of those cat novelty tees anytime. This is a really nice way to style it! Your cat is so adorable.

    Aqy |

    1. Thank you lovely I LOVE this shirt! Haha she’s a babe isn’t she ^_^ x


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