Why Do I Even Bother? I Already Know I’ll Look Great.

When the lovely Francesca got in touch and told me she created cute alternative stationery and accessories I was all ears.  She very kindly sent me out one of her brightly coloured slogan pocket mirrors with tongue in cheek phrases such as, ‘’Why do I bother? I already know I look great” and my personal favourite “its rude to stare” Cheeky.

Pocket mirrors are my biggest saviour when i’m out and about. Little and handy to throw into your bag and whip out to see if i’ve rubbed off half of my eyeliner and rubbed it down my face somehow that or trying to get whatever the hell has been in my eye since 9.00am out. Cheeky and convenient at the same time, hardly breaking the bank coming in at £3 ^_^

After having a little look at Francesca's site I was laughing to myself at the “grump greetings’’ section of the site and the mythological mayhem stationery. Sarcastically great creativity I can get on board with.

See for yourself and visit Francesca's EtsyShop for my slogan themed stationary.

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  1. I love the Fight Like a Girl sticker on your laptop, where did you find it? Thank you again for such a lovely write up!

  2. Its from easy ^_^ You’re so so welcome, thanks for the opportunity x


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