Not Dressing For The Weather Is alright Sometimes.

I feel funny today. I’m restless yet unmotivated to do anything. I find myself lately staying in bed later then I should, forcing myself to get up and then a few hours later I return back to my haven. I’m in a life funk at the moment. Why though i’m unsure, my blog is doing better then I could ever dream, I have some really really exciting projects coming up that I can’t wait to share with you all. I recently bagged my dream job. That was the thing that got me the most. At 26 I wondered if I was to ever able to be proud of the job i’m doing, to find something I was good in, that I excel in. This all sounds so narcissistic but after a long time coming I am proud of myself and i’ve learnt to recognise my achievements and it be ok to chuffed for yourself after a childhood/early adult life of them being overlooked by people that should be happy for you. I do it for myself now, no one else. 

In a bid to not have this a completely wasted day, I dressed as if it was summer and put on the most lovely playsuit i’ve found in a long long time. I forgot what was bouncing around my head and pretend I was somewhere sunny and it help a bit. I recently went a little crazy on the H&M website. Its the brand I love to hate, devine clothes and reasonable prices, the only thing is the God Damned sizing but i’ve wasted more then enough time prattling on about that in the past so i’ll save it for today. 

If I was to be doing Leeds fest this year, this lovely little thing would probably be my staple piece of the weekend. Its a shame the line up is the worst i’ve seen in a fair while leaving me no desire to go, shame as it will be the first time in years.
 The pattern, square neck line and sleeves leave my craving for a Spanish adventure, waking up early and staying up late. Perhaps this summer thats just what i’ll have. 

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  1. I love this playsuit and that is exactly what I do when i'm not feeling right. I get dressed, put on something I love, no matter what the weather. Beautiful photos. x

    1. I love it too it's just so lovely. Ah thank you girl ^_^ x

  2. Ahh I'm so proud of you! Can't wait to hear about these exciting projects ;) ;) ;) that playsuit really suits you, though it's definitely not summer yet hahaha xx

    Kimberley //

    1. Ah thanks Kim you're a cutie ^_^ Hahaa it's really not is it? Can't wait for some warmth soon! X


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