10 Ways To Keep Motivated In Exercise

I like to stick to some sort of exercise routine, back when, I was an avid gym goer smashing it 6 times a week, Now i’ve got a busy job a busy life and can’t seem to find the time to dedicative as much time working out as I used to. I moved to a small village where the nearest gym is a bit of a trek espesh when one can’t drive. I now do a work out guide at home and really really watch what I eat [forgetting the pizza] Sometimes its hard to keep the motivation when you just c.b.a. pals and at this moment in time man am I feeling totally unmotivated. So in order to shift this thing thats stolen all my work out mojo I thought i’d complie a list of all the things I do to snatch it right back. I will get dem abs even if it kills me one burpee at a time.

1) Plan. Guys for myself I can’t stress how important it is to plan your workouts, when ya doing them and what ya’ll be doing. You’ll feel like you’re actually getting somewhere. Myself I like to follow Kayla Itsines Bikini body guide on Mon, Wed and Fri the days in between a 30-40 min run and Sunday rest.

2) Aid. I find having apps to count calories and track your exercise progression really helps. A popular one and my fave is my fitness pal. I would also recommend some sort of fitness watch. I love the polar watches with heart monitors which track the calories you’ve burnt.

3) Gym Gear. Ya no, its a little bit weird the effect of sprucing up your gym wardrobe can have on you, funny i’ll find an excuse to shop.

4) Pick your thang. What I mean is, theres so many forms of exercise, running, pilates, swimming even swinging yourself round a pole. Pick the one you love, you’ll be more then likely stick to it.

5) Balance. Its ok to slack off every now and then. Some days you’ll want to smash the gym, do your squats, get an early night repeat. Or yano, if you wanna eat that pretty looking cupcake with all the frosting and skip your workout for the day thats cool. Its called balance.

6) Pictures. Take a picture before your fitness journey and then every 1-2 weeks. If you’re feeling like you’re not getting anywhere and in a bit of a rut like I find myself guilty of sometimes, you can refer back to the picture before to see how far you’ve come!

7) Scales. Forget em’. Following on from the point before, you’ll be able to track your progress better by looking at comparison pictures then whats said on the scale.

8) Don’t beat yourself up if you fancy a treat every now and again or a cheeky take away after a particularly taxing work week, I read somewhere ‘’one bad meal won’t make you fat and one good meal won’t make you skinny” True dat.

9) Motivational quotes. As sad as it sounds, I like to read a bunch if i’m feeling partially bleh and can’t be bothered to do any form of exercise  and then feel ready to beast my workout.

10) Goal. Just think how GOOD its gonna feel when you hit your goal. Keep thinking of the bigger picture!

Do you have any work out motivational tips? What do you do when you’re having a bit of a work out slump?

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  1. Love the motivation! I have a love hate relationship with number 8!! Great post :) xxx

  2. I love your motivation with fitness at the moment! I really wish I could get back into yoga or something but I just really cba... haha!

    1. Ah man I am seriously lacking at the mo ha! x

  3. This tips are awesome and really needed for me as I'm SO demotivated with fitness! x

    1. Me too at the mo, struggling right now ha! x


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