Personal Style: Grunge It Up

I STUPIDLY agreed to do 12.00 till 20.30 shifts this week at work, in an exchange for a half day Friday that seemed oh so appealing, rn i’m questioning my shift choice as my routines not great and I feel all out of sync with life and I can’t promote my blog like i’d like. Sorry if I am quiet this week or my posts are sub par, was way complain complain. 

I usually dress weather appreciate, this is most defiantly not weather appropriate. Luckily I was just getting my pose on’ in front of my house *hi house* so I didn’t have to stay outside very long in the cold in next to nothing. So i’ve recently been dabbling in grunge. I tend to steer clear of black/darker clothes, i’ve 99% got something bright or eye catching on. I’ve never been one really to do the all black errything cos boring. A lot of grunge and outfit aspects are on the the darker side, how do you do the grunge thing with the added colour thing I like. No seriously please someone help me out. Can I adapt it in a way like the Kawaii pastel goths thang?

I’ve also taken to fishnets of late particularly the top of the tights peaking up on out of the waist band of the thing your wearing aesthetic. Thats a good un’ i’ve adopted. As the weather is ~ G R I M ~ i’d probably have to leave this lil number I put together [accidentally I may add] for the warmer months, perhaps for the festival season where I can have all the edges.

What trends are you loving’ at the moment, any grungies out there?

Vest Depop | Top Grace Neutral for Motel | Skirt New Look 

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Cassies ‘’mam what you doing’ face’’ as she stared at me thought the kitchen window.


  1. I love the denim vest! I don't understand how to even wear bright colours, the most I ever stray from black is like navy...or burgundy! xx

    Kimberley //

    1. Thank you it's like my fave thing in my wardrobe! Hahaa I like burgundy ;) x

  2. You've just made me remember how much I love fishnet tights! I'm starting to wear more and more black these days for some reason but I always feel like I'm too chubby to pull off the grunge look! x

    1. I'm loving the fish nets at the mo! Ah lovely I bet you're not you go rock those fishnets ^_^ x

  3. Love your necklace!
    Abbie E.


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