Lush York Spring Event

First up, i’m super sorry this post is way overdue, like 2 weeks late. Life happened and work and I felt a bit squished and just couldn’t keep on top of thangs #badblogger

~ S E C O N D L Y ~
Mega shout out to all the lovely staff at Lush for throwing THE BEST EVENT EVER. I was so happy and filled with joy after I left for having just the loveliest time. 

I love Lush. I think its really hard not to? Who doesn’t want to smell nice and engage in multicoloured baths from time to time? I was super stoked I managed to get an invite to have a lil’ sneak peak into the new range for Spring, and peak I did. 

The lovely staff talked us though all the new products for Spring, and gave demos on the products.  We were passed around products to smell, test and get up close and personal with. Remember Snow Fairy? Well I had my eye on the fluffy egg bath bombs that smelt just the same they were my personal fave of the collection closely followed by the bunny shower jelly which was juts so freaking cute man. There were competitions run though the night with Limmy dish bath bombs and products up for grabs. 

After we had been shown all the new range we were left to wander the store and the staff were on hand to answer any questions we had about products whilst browsing, more then happy to share their expertise. As my hair isn’t in the best state and i’m desperately trying to get it to grow I ended up picking up the roots hair mask which is just Devine. I’m hoping it works its menthol magic to urge my damaged locks to grow, I should also really get a hair cut too . . . . meh. 

After essentially emptying my bank account into the store I left after having just the loveliest time ever, we were also gifted the most generous goodie bag filled with wonderful things including a both bomb that strongly resembles the tri-wizard tournament egg and smelt so lovely I had to stop myself from giving it a little nibble.

Thank you Louisa, Brooke, Jess and Emma for hosting such a lovely event, you all smashed it ^_^

What Lush products are you loving at the moment?

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  1. I'm loving all the sweeter smells but I'm trying to try different products I never thought to try, everything always smells so good from LUSH though! X
    Love Vicki | victoriajanex

    1. I LOVE the sweeter smells at lush. Everything just smells so good I don't know what to pick! X


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