Brand Crush: Unif Rainbow Crop

UNIF are killing me. Literally death as I browse their website. Death by beautiful clothes that I can’t afford. Sigh. I picked this crop the same time I got that UNIF pullover as it was in the sale an basically it was rude not to. I love every part of the gross 80’s aesthetic, cropped, layered and garishly bright it was if it was made with me in mind.

Once the months actually play ball and do the right seasons for the right months, I mean hello March is nearly spring who do ya’ll think you are bringing me snow and then the sheer cheek of constant rain near enough this whole week? I’m really over winter now, as much as I love its beauty having to wear 16 jumpers to keep warm is no longer the one. I’m looking forward to lazy summer days and being able to walk around in thin summer dresses and 0 effort. I’ll be pairing this with a pair of denim shorts, thats if I can squeeze these hips into a pair for summer. For now its fishnets, creeps and my high waisted leggings i’ve had surgically attached to me. 

What brands so you save for a bit of a splurge? Are you looking forward to the warmer months as much as I am?
Leggings Topshop | Top UNIF | Creepers eBay

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  1. You look amazing! I love how unique you are and not afraid to be different! Hats off! :)

    1. Thank you girl, I do enjoy being a little weirdo ;) x

  2. I think we all need a bit of colour in this dull weather and you pull it off so good! X
    Love Vicki | victoriajanex


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