Brand Crush: Cherry Diva Stack Rings

For me right now stack rings are everything. I love the boho feel I get whilst donning a ton of silver/gold lovelies on my fingers. I’ve got a collection that could rival the stack queen ring herself Phoebe Buffay. After browsing Cherry Divas site I found they had more then enough to satisfy my want for new pieces for my collection at prices I couldn’t really sniff at. I find theres an art to getting the balance just right. Myself I find more is more. I try to have a least one one each finger, different sizes shapes and  patterns. I’m not afraid to mix up gold and silver and wear them at the same time [break all the fashion rulez] to perfect the boho look.

Let me walk you though some of the stuff I was sent.

First up The Silver Embossed Floral Ring and The Silver Embossed Tribal Ring coming in at £6 each. I love these rings and how chunky they are, almost like a cuff but for your finger. I liked wearing them on both fingers to create a matchy matchy aesthetic in an organised chaos array. 

Next is the Silver Hamsa Hand Ring currently n the sale for only a quid. I really like how weird this one was. I haven’t seen a ring in this style before and i’m a huge fan of the hamsa hand design thats been on trend for a fair bit now. 

Also currently in the pick ’n’ mix sale is the Gothic Jet Crystal Point Ring for just a pound. I’ve wanted a ring with just a black stone for ages and this is just what I was looking for to break up the madness with a little simplicity. Also it has ‘’Gothic’’ in the name and i’m all about the goff lyf. 

My fave fave fave ring that I was sent I unfortunately can’t find on the site is the gorgeous moon stone warp in overlapping silver details with all the Victorian vibes and I just basically love it. 

Lastly is the delicately adorable Leah Daisy Chain Midi Ring at £10. When getting my stack I like to break the the pattern up a bit with throwing a few midi rings into the mix. This ones so hard to resist, its difficult not adding it to your basket and hitting check out faster then you can say ‘’give me all the rings.’' 

How do you like to wear your stack rings, any that you’re lusting over at the moment?

Check out Cherry Diva for their full range. 

Rings* All Cherry Diva 

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  1. Oh my god!
    I need these like now!
    I'm obsessed with rings, I feel naked if I'm not wearing a least 4 haha!

    The boho feel is a must for me, so gorgeous! What are you doing to me, I'm trying to save haha.

    Love your nail polish too is it matte? So beauts


    1. Hahaa I'm sorry ;) I feel the same got to have a good few rings in at a time! They're elegant touch glade nails ;) x

  2. Just popping back to say...OMG!
    I need everything! So many moon rings!!!!!!!!

  3. They all look so gorgeous together - I really need to start accessorizing more! I adore the Hamsa hand ring, can't believe it's just £1. I get paid tomorrow so may have to treat myself. ;) xx

    Ashton | Beauty, Books and Babble

    1. Thank you for a quid you can't go wrong ^_^ c

  4. Wow! It is very beautiful. Thanks for your post.
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  5. Wowiiee!! Fashion rings make me go <3 :)

    I own a lot of Diamond Solitaire Rings already and I think I want this right now!


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