A Taste Of Spring With Fentimans

Theres been a huge Spring theme on Iamfoxxtailz at the moment and with this post ima continue with it.

I’m not one for drink fizzy/carbonated drinks. I drink a tonne of water, like literally I have a bottle with me all times and way overdue the 8 glassed a day thing. HOWEVER if i’m out having a meal or Jim and I get our weekly pizza from our fave take away, I will partake it carbonated drinks.

I was really pleased when I was sent a sample go Fentimans  new Lime and Jasmine flavour for spring as these are the kinds of drinks I would tend to go to if I was out and wanted something a little different to council pop. I love this brand of drinks, of late I have been practically hooked on their curiosity cola and cherry cola. So I was really looking forward to trying these batboys out. The Jasmine and Lime flavour didn’t disappoint, I found it a nice refreshing change to traditional flavours and perfect for chilling out in your back garden enjoying the warmer nights. AND they are all naturally made too, all botanically brewed - good to know ;)

~ Bonus Point ~

The glass bottles the drinks are super adorable, i’ve been using them as mini varies for flowers making they super adorable ^_^

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