Personal Style: Copenhagen

I have 2 super kwel things i’ve been wanting to debut on the blog, wait no actually 3. I didn’t necessarily mean to shoot them all for the same post in kinda just happened that way. Totally taking advantage of my pretty new village and taking loads of pictures in front of mint green doors. ON TO THE STUFF.

Super Kwel Item number 1

Its getting colder and colder and i’m wearing more and more layers and my jumper collection is just getting out of hand due to this. #srrynotsrry James my little treacle brought me home a new addition to my collection last week. 29287986498364 boyfriend points to him for going into an establishment he loathes [sorry Toppers] browsed and picked something out for me off his own back, brought it home and said he thought I might like it cos and quote “you like jumpers and stuff” cute. I’ve also caught him wearing this a few times too so i’m guessing he kinda bought it as a communal jumper whilst making it out it was a gift for myself, its just a theory I have. 

Super kewl item number 2 

I finally got some new leggings yey me. As we all know I hate wearing jeans I own like 2 pairs and they hardly ever see light of day because I feel like some a frump in them. I just can’t can’t get on with jeans. After wearing my old leopard print textured pair TO DEATH I thought it was time to invest in a new pair. Hello lovely soft fake jeans legging things, treggings? Jeggings? God knows what they are but I love them and I want to live in them forever please. They kinda remind me of jodhpurs which is kinda cool? Like those AA ones but I got them for like a third of the price. 

Super kewl item Number 3

My fave blogger is Amy Valentine and i’m always creeping on her posts wishing I was her out even better had her wardrobe. I saw she had posted an ASOS wish list kinda thing and I saw the most incredible star boots that I knew right there and then I needed to own. Now these were a splurge and I think the most i’ve ever spent on footwear but i don’t have to pay council tax for 2 months so thats a total justifiable reason to spend a little bit on footwear no? Seriously have you seen them? I love them so much I could cry. 

What have you guys been buying recently? Any splurges or snapped up anything you’ve had your eyes on recently?

Jumper Topshop | Leggings Topshop | Boots ASOS

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  1. I love the little details in this outfit! I need this lazy oaf dress at all costs. I'm counting down to pay day...

    1. Thank you lovely! I'm a sucker for lazy oaf. X

  2. You are just so freaking adorable !!!! I am the same I cannot stand jeans !! I much prefer jeggings/leggings/treggings (what even are they called ha!!).. So must check out this Topshop ones !! I also love the background !! I'm obsessed with pinafores and want to be so many !! Fab post lovely !!!

    1. Thank you beautiful ^_^ ah yeah I just can't stand em! Ah yeah you really should, I LIVE in them ha! Xx


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