Brand Crush: Cherry Cameto

Two things are absolute from this post 

1) I got to tame these muffin tops of mine [she says as she stuffs more mini eggs in her mouth]
2) Oversized vintage boyfriend shirts are my new favourite.

Attacking my body yet again a side The Super babe that is Cherry Cameto [I urge you to check out her Instagram out and see for yourself, so babin’] asked me to pick out some of her vintage treasuers to debut on this very blog of mine to show how I would style them up. I picked out the most amazing oversized safari print shirt complete with hidden tiger a thank you, see if you can spot him out in the pictures below. I was hoping I could get away with buttoning this up and wearing it as a dress finishing it off with a belt to create all the shapes but my legs had other plans and well my butt would be on show for everyone and their cat to see. [I replaced cat with dog cuz they’re better #sorrynotsorry] 

So scrapping that outfit aspect all together I went with the open shirt/crop top direction which I loved, my cake made belly it showed off not so much. Its cool though cos I’m currently doing a 5k a day to run the chub away so soon i’ll have those abs people to seem to have. . . . I hope. The adidas crop underneath the boyfriend shirt gave it all those 90’s vibes that I love whilst keeping the sportsluxe thang I love to hate on the down low and balanced out. I do know think that an oversized boyfriend shirt is a must have for any lover of 90s fashion and I don’t know why its taken me up till now to obtain one up until now just sayin’ To grunge it up a lil’ I’d wear a fave band shirt add some fishnets and Boom grunge city.

Check out Cherry Cameto on the ASOS Market place for all your 90s fashion needs and wicked tips on how to style up the pieces. 

How would you style up an oversized shirt? Any vintage gems you’re loving at the moment? 

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  1. I'm in love with that oversized vintage shirt! I'd most likely style mine with skinny jeans and just a normal tee, I wish I was brave enough to rock crop tops!

    Beka. xo | littleworldofbeka

    1. Thank you I really really love this one too ^_^ x


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