The Potting Shed Bingley Leeds

Now I don’t claim to be a food critic I’m not going to pretend I am, but Pizza yeah I kinda do know, my diet is 97.8% pizza and being the self proclaimed pizza princess that I am, I was super stoked when I got the opportunity to go The Potting Shed  in Bingley on Friday for a pizza on them to celebrate pizza week -my fave week.  I obviously took my pizza partner in crime to share such an awesome opportunity. Now one of my pet hates is people being late, and me being stupid I didn’t check out exactly how long it took I just gathered as it was in Leeds somewhere it would take 45 mins tops. So when we put the address in the satnav just before setting off the location was well over an hour away. and I was gonna be late. We arrived half an hour late, I felt so bad with me hating lateness and all. 

So even after arriving at 8pm, half an hour after we should have arrived, we were sat at our table and had a look at what the menu had to offer. The kitchen actually closed at 8pm but they were still happy to accommodate us. Being a veggie, I was thrilled they had a section with plenty of choice specially for vegatarians which isn’t usually the case in most places. After placing our order with Leah, we were able to take in the atmosphere of the potting shed. Being a Friday night it was thriving with a mix of people. There was live music to enjoy in a cosy atmosphere. I could imagine in the summer months it would be a great place to go after work for a drink and to grab some food or spending sunny Saturday afternoons in the garden. I really did like the rustic outdoor theme of the potting shed, even down to the plant pots on the table that held the menus and cutlery. 

When our order arrived we were presented with the most colourful pizza I have ever seen, and it didn’t take long for me and James to demolished the 18inch bad boy plus a side order of fries. Now James and I fancy ourselves professionals in pizza connoisseur-ing [yes I may have just made up a word what of it?] and we thoroughly enjoyed the pizza loaded with fresh veggies. I don’t like pizza being too ‘’bread-y’’ the thin stone baked bases were just the right thickness that didn’t leave me feeling like I had had  bread overload and left me being able to actually taste the sauce and the toppings. 

Honestly I loved it as did James, it was awesome to have a date night courtesy of The Potting shed. It had a great atmosphere, friendly and helpful staff [shout out to Leah] and even better food. If I lived more local I know I would probably make it one of my regular haunts to get food. 

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  1. Omg that pizza looks perfect! I'm having major pizza cravings now. I'm yet to find a place where I live that does the perfect pizza so I'm super jealous

  2. I Loooovvvee pizza! It was really lovely ^_^ x


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