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Do you remember them? Sports mixes I mean, I used to well love them as a wee nipper [I can refer to myself as nipper as I am 26 this year, TWENTY-SIX Jebus save me] Like I swear my mam would buy me a pack daily and i’d spent all day with my mouth practically glued shut after consuming the entire contents of the pack in 3.5 seconds. . . .

Opps I did it again, no no Britney I didn’t play with no hearts before being a f*ck boy was a thang on the internet. No I went and bought something sports related with no intention or wearing it to the gym. Its those God Damed Harajuku Street Style magazines I picked up in my trip to Tokyo I swear. I cry into them most nights as its the next best thing of feeling like i’m still down Takeshita street and not in grey gloomy England where wearing something sporty comes with a bottle of lambrini before 9am and a matching ankle tag -cute!

The more I see it, the more accepting I have become. If last years Jess could see me now, she would be less then stoked. HOWEVER hear me out. You see, this isn’t just a white Adidas shirt. Oh no, its much much more then that come, let me show you. On a trip to UO, I spotted this top roll neck number. Naturally I loved it and thought about how I must own it and most definitely needed it in my life right that second. Naturally I looked at the price tag, scoffed and put the new love of my life back down and back away. Quickly. Never to be one defeated when on a shopping trip and really wouldn’t mind owning something I took to my phone and started the search. Minuets of googling, I found the same shirt on ASOS for less with added discount of 15% if you bought anything though the ASOS app. BOOM. Jess1, UO 0. What drew me this top was 1) The roll neck, I’ve been loving roll necks of late after discovering i’ve concurred my fear of them. And 2) The cute Chiffon type material at the back, that alone made it all the more cuter. 

In fear of going sports luxe heavy in one outfit I have devised some rules whilst wearing any items of a sporty nature. One shall not team sporty items with trainers. Nor shall they team it with trackies. Lets keep diluted an low key Jess. So naturally I picked out something form my wardrobe on a whim that it might look half decent and well it worked for me. Que checked Ark skirt. I do however have a love hate relationship with this skirt, it seems to beautifully cling to any food baby I may acquirer whilst wearing this skirt and today was no exception. Food baby was slightly worse then usual as it was Blue Monday at Yo! Sushi and i’d just discovered my love for tofu katsu curry and well here we are.

  *Guys have you seen the state of my roots? I’m freaking sorry man and I will attempt to sort these out post haste, wage I get on Friday permitting.

Have you been taken captive by a trend you never thought you would? How do you feel about the whole sports luxe thang?

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  1. i really like this look and i have this skirt! I love your writing style and it is a great post x

    1. Ah thank you lovely, that really means a lot ^_^ x

  2. I love that skirt! I could almost have guessed it was from Ark ;) ;) ;) xx

    Kimberley //


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