Personal Style: Da Bomb

Grunge bomber

There is something so deliciously satisfying about a really good bargain. Especially when that bargain is something you’ve wanted to get your little mits on for a little while. I’m talking about the bomber hype. I again was in my happy place [obviously talking about Ark] this weekend, browsing of course because my spending ban is still in full swing until the end of February and let me tell you I have all the shakes and sweats not being able to par take in my favourite past time. I tortured myself as there was a sale in full swing sighing at all the Motel and kawaii slogan tees at too good to be true prices. James was stood in the designated boyfriend bit, I was just about to join him when I saw the bomber in question. I walked over to it on a whim - I’ve noticed I use ‘’whim” a lot, mental note buy a thesaurus and look up alternatives for the word ‘’whim’ . The little beauty was only six British Pounds weren’t it pal? I beckoned James over and tried it on. Big mistake, I was in love.  

Now does it count as breaking my spending ban if James bought it? No? Cool I didn’t think so. So with my new bomber safely coming home with me I felt all kinds of ghetto hood gal needing to walk the streets of NYC. A few problems with my scenario 1) I live in Yorkshire 2) LOL i’m the furthest away from hood a girl could get. There is however an abandoned old mushroom farm in the village I used to live in that is the closest to Ghetto/grafftti/hood that the local skaters have graffitied up and built ramps. That will do to satisfy the urban vibes I felt this jacket needed for its debut on the blog. 

I recently boarded a band wagon kinda of lately and acquired one of those Clavin sets all the Insta gals have and lay there all #LOLlazySundayinmyCalvinundies being all fabulous with no effort. Where as me lounging around on a lazy Sunday is last nights make up and one of James’ tshirts, you’d probably do a double take thinking you’d seen me on Jezza K. SO until I look like one of them ladies I teamed it with my fave Topshop leggings that i’ve lived in this winter that also double as my holding in pants and finished it off with my bomber channeling those Ghetto/Goth [did I just make up a fashion genre?] vibes I love love love with the dark make up and half up space buns.  I’ve been smashing the gym recently so i’m hoping the hard work pays off and in summer i’ve slimmed down my thunder thighs and toned that cake appreciation belly and I can don my little CK number as a crop in summer with some denim shorts without being super self conscious. 

90s fashion grunge

My Calvins Grunge

urban Street

Jacket Ark | Calvin Klein Crop Topshop | Leggings Topshop | Creeper eBay 

Have you managed to snag any really good bargains at the moment? How would of of styled this jacket? 

Keep checking back for a collab with NerdCult Clothing and that Bolongaro event finally. 

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  1. I love that jacket! I've been after the bomber jacket for a while but I can't seem to find one I like xx

    Kimberley //

    1. Me too girl, seriously check Ark for some wicked stuff! x

  2. I love bomber jackets, and you've styled this one really well. And I'm totally loving your Calvin Klein bralet here! :) I really want to get a bomber jacket, but I have sooo many coats I keep telling myself I don't need another one... great post though Jessica! xx

    1. Thank you lovely, that means a lot ^_^ Ah haha I am the same, I hoard coats and bags! xx

  3. Look at you girl, working all kinds of "goalsssss" right there. Loving the Calvin sets, OF COURSE. I nearly picked up a few things in the Ark sale but I really needed to real in my spends! Looking gorgeous as always ❤️
    Bee |

    1. Oh girl you're so lovely to me ^_^ I recently broke my shopping ban in Ark but it was bloody worth it ;) x


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