Tokyo Photo Diary 4 -Tokyo Disney Land

I’m a lil greedy in the old Disney front, this will of been the forth park I have been to in my 25 years. Yup yup forth, Florida, Paris Hong Kong and now Tokyo. When I found out there was park in Tokyo I literally insisted our initial intention was to go on Halloween, so we could see the Nightmare Before Christmas parade and the park all decked out in all thangz spooky. But like a lot of the things we wanted to do on this trip that didn’t really go to plan. We checked the site before we headed out to Japan but the Halloween date seemed crossed out, seeming like it was sold out. Sob.

So we picked probably the most rainy day ever to go. Like it literally did not stop. All day. All the rain from the moment we got there to the second we rested up our dreary heads at the end of the day. Of course they did not stop us having one of the best days ever. I soon as you walk into the park theres Disney tunes blasting out instantly transporting you to all the nostalgic feels of a younger you. As it was tipping it down I didn’t really manage to get many pictures, my camera was getting a soaking and I was worried I was going to ruin my most prized possession. My most favourite ride ever at Disney parks is the haunted mansion. As it was around Halloween season it had a Nightmare Before Christmas spin which I just loved and nearly cried at. - I over reacted a lot to things in pure excitement and love. Majority of the photos are a little TNBC heavy #sorrynotsorry 
Enough dribble from me, i’m trying to shorten down my Tokyo posts as I don’t want to bore you all half to death [i’m honestly trying k?] and want to keep it as interesting as possible. Enjoy my photos of the rainiest/most magical day spent on the trip to Tokyo [I mean it is a photo diary after all], where I managed to buy all of the Alice in Wonderland merchandise. Japans got it right. 

God going though my pictures and writing these kinda posts make me miss it so so bad, has it honestly been a month already?

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