Tokyo Beauty Haul Ft. iMovie Frustations

I hate iMovie I hate iMovie I hate iMovie. I hate iMovie.  All I wanted to do was try and edit this awkward to watch video of me blabing on about what I picked up in Tokyo beauty-wise, it has been painful. I have been at this all day and I’m still waiting for the bloody thing to upload to YouTube. Heres hoping by the time I have finished typing this up it will be ready for me to add to this post.

One ‘’blogger resolution’’ i’m going to make for next year is to try and utilise my YouTube channel more, upload weekly if I have enough content and learn how to edit properly. I'm hopefully going to invest in Final Cut Pro and get my pal to teach me how to do it properly. So no more ammature videos . . . . hopefully. Small steps. In this video I ramble and show all the beauty/make up products I picked up whilst in Tokyo. I don’t realise how much stuff I actually brought back with me until I shot this. . . .

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