The Perfect Winter Knit?

I found the perfect winter knit. I knew I would eventually I just feared it would be in a winter sale as summer was rolling in rendering it useless until the following winter #Allthefirstworldprobz I had scoured the internet multiple times, Ebay, H&M, Primark you name it I tried it and I just couldn’t find the one ya know? Like I had in my head exactly what I wanted in my winter knit, oversized chunky and mustard colour, I just couldn't seem to find the one. Look at me romanticising a jumper for Gods sake what have I become? It’s what happens I guess when a long search is over and you finally find what you’re looking for. 

Jim and I took to Leeds on Saturday, we wanted to squeeze in a Christmas shop [BTW, theres a special place in hell for all those slow walking Christmas shoppers that just don’t seem to get out of the way] before the #LeedsXmasMeet in the afternoon. first stop is always Primark in the Trinity centre. Its a must. And there, by the door it was there - the one. The colour was a little off the Mustard i’d been dreaming about but it hit all other aspects, perfectly chunky, cable knit and oversized. James laughed at it and said it kinda looked like cat sick, cheers pal. But I wasn’t going to let his comments dampen the fact I found the beauty. It has now however been dubbed “The cat sick jumper”. . . . Its just the right kind of gross that I like in clothes. Everyone loves a good ugly jumper and I myself am no exception. 

I don’t think I could get anymore Yorkshire in these pictures if I tried. All i’m missing is my tractor and farmer pals and all is complete. I look as if i’m about to tend to my crops and sow the seed over the land. However, I am not green fingered in the slightest, bringing pure shame on my Yorkshire heritage, sigh.  I can milk a cow though, I got taught in year 7 at school. 

*Blogger cliche warning* 
I picked up some Roshe Runs in Japan, they were like £36 and oh my goodness they are the comfiest shoes to wear ever ever. I know I know I mocked them and I did vow I would never own a pair and not follow the clique but I just couldn’t help it. I’ll be buying all things marble and posting pictures of colourful macaroons soon. I get da hype. I feel like sportsluxe is consuming me, one Nike sale top I snagged in the UO sale at a time. Send Help. Lesson learnt i’ll shut my trap, do not mock the Nikes Jess. 

And well because I can never take myself too seriously ;)

Jumper Primark | Leggings Topshop | Shoes Nike | Shirt Primark 

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  1. Amazing post dear! You have a wonderful blog:)
    What about following each other on Instagram, Bloglovin, Twitter?.. :)

    1. Hey thank you so much for the kind words ^_^!

      Sure Link me up. x

  2. love this post! ugly jumpers are a definite weakness, haha! xx

    1. Hahaa thank you, Ugly jumpers are a wardrobe staple in my eyes ;) x

  3. First of all thank you so much for visiting and leaving a comment! I truly enjoy reading your heartwarming notes.

    Looks very cosy! I love the colour! Plus... I noticed that you have Moomins as a cover for your google plus account! Who is your fav character?:)

    I would love to connect with you on Twitter and Instagram, drop me a line so I can follow back. Have a lovely day, Iga xxx &

    1. You are so welcome!

      Ah man I LOVE the Moomins. Fave character hard to say. . . . perhaps Snork maiden? I have a Moomin tattoo on my thigh as an ode to them ;)

      Yeah sure thing! x


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