LYDC Winter Wishlist

LYDC Winter Wishlist

With the Party Season of the year in full swing I thought it would be the perfect time to share a Wishlist of my top picks from the LYDC Winter range. As seen in an older post I’ve already had one of their fluffy little numbers surgically attached to my back, no joke. It was a tough decision whittling it down to just five as like any girl I want all the bags and with a range like this its hard to not go Polyvore happy and add them all.

1) Glitzy Clutch Bag With Chain Strap Oh I really do love this one. This bag would be perfect for that night out for New Years Eve finishing off your outfit with that bit of sparkle every girl needs for their New Years Eve night out. I’m a massive lover of a strap for my going out bags. You can sling it over your shoulder and do the “ Cha Cha Slide” without any annoying bag hindrances with great ease! Clutches and I however do not get on and i’d end up leaving the thing somewhere in da club loosing my pretty little bag and my iPhone too. On the flip side if you’re unlike me and can keep your bag on your person at all times on a night out then you can detach the strap or tuck it away in said bag creating a clutch. ACES for choices! 

2) Tartan Heart Shaped Cross Body Bag Tartan is a winner for me all year round, I like to try and channel the so punxxx it hurts vibes in my outfits.  But I feel especially at Christmas time everyone has a little place in their heart for Tartan this time of year. Adding that its adorably heart shaped its so Kawaii cute that you just can’t not add it to your bag collection. 

3) The Rae Backpack WE HAVE A WINNER. When I was sent the catalogue of bags I got all the heart eyes emojis for this bag. I love backpacks, I love that they have come back into fashion. [TBH I’d wear a backpack even if it wasn’t in fashion] and I just love the whole design of this one. It also comes in a lovely cream colour too but me and lighter colours don’t seem to coincide in peace so black anything is always the safer option for myself. I could use this bag when I go out on day trips exploring or i’d quite happily turn up to the office with this one, its so stylish and smart. Ugh I heart you. 

4) Dahlia Winter Grab Bag Grab Bag. I like it. I also like the super with a capital ‘C’ Cute floral pattern. Can I use the pattern to wallpaper my whole house including myself in it? I know this is described as a ‘’winter bag’’ I sill think you could pull this number off far into Spring too.

5) Clara Sequin HandBag This has all the mermaid vibes that the internet seems to be going cray cray for. I really love the the contrasting teal-y green sequins against the black of the bag. Another strong contender to finish off your New Years Eve outfit. Again this bag comes with a crazy dancing enabling strap and also the option to tuck it away creating a classy clutch.

Why not treat yourself to one of these beauties and use ‘Jess10’ at the checkout for extra discount. 

Keep your peepers peeled on da blog this week for an New Years Eve OOTN and what I got up to in the Leeds Bolongaro Fashion event.


  1. That Rae Backpack is to die for. I have to have it, there's no wonder you're going all heart eyed emoji over it. I would be too!
    Bee |

    1. Hahaa I thought the same when I saw it ;) x


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