I went to my first ever proper Blogger event last Saturday, yey me, I got an invite and errythang form the lovely Rihanna over on robowecop that had put the event on. I was so excited to meet such lovely bloggers and talk about all thangs blog and do all thangs blog and when the day came I bottled it. I was terrified ha. I’m not good in situations where I don’t know anyone and I can’t just strike up conversations with people I don’t know. Shame really as isn’t that the whole point of a meet? I did kick myself after for not getting into the sing of things and forcing myself to mingle. 

I had agreed to meet up with my lovely blogger friend Sarah before hand and go to the event together as each others support. Unfortunately Sarah was poorly on the day of the event and couldn’t attend, [shame as I was really looking forward to meeting her] hopefully our paths will cross soon and I get to meet Sarah in the not too distant future.
 James step in and agreed to come along with me, trials and tribulations of being a bloggers girlfriend. The event was at the Black Swan in Leeds, subsequently where James had taken me out for my birthday when we had first met so it held so many lovely memories for me personally, and also one 2 many vodka cokes I consumed that night. . . .

There was a real buzz about the room once all the lovely bloggers stated to arrive, an hour in I willed myself to get up and go chat but nerves got the better of me so a scuttled back to my seat to James after I had taken some snaps of the place. Next time, if there is another meet up i’m fortunate to be a part of i’m going to not let the nerves get the better of me and go interact with the lovely people I speak with on the regular on witter/Instagram etc.
There was a raffle laid on with some gorgeous prizes to be won [I had my eye firmly on the ‘’A bag of pixie dust’’ pouch] all to be raffled off to help the charity ‘’Young Minds’’ So kind. Sadly none of my tickets I had bought was a winner but at least it helped bulk out the amount Rhi got to donate to charity, thats the important part right ^_^ ? 

There was cupcake decorating stations, Proppercorn to indulge in, and indulge I did plus cute candy canes and Just Bee water yummy. I was sad I couldn’t stay for the whole event and had to leave after 2 hours so I bid my farewell to Rhi and thanked her again for the invite, she then presented me with the most stocked up goodie bag ever! Despite the lack of interaction on my part I did really really enjoy myself and it was so nice to see a community all together and Rhi putting this on for us all to enjoy, you put on something really great, thank you again you absolute star. 

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  1. So glad you had fun lovely! :) xxxx


    1. I did, thank you so much for the invite lovely ^_^ xxx


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