Fashion Faux Pas - Double Denim Under Scrutiny

You know that double denim rule thing, its kinda a massive fashion faux pass like socks and sandals. It’s some huge no no but why? I thought in fashion you were encourage to break the rules, do what the hell what you want, i’m a fashion independent 25 year girl that likes to dress as if I rolled around my wardrobe with all da patterns and thats what ima do.  Now I actually google “ Fashion Faux Pas” to check the spelling and an interesting article came up, where eBay had done a survey to reveal womens worst faux passes’. Sure enough double denim was a strong contender along side too much animal print, bra straps on show [really?] tracksuits and childish footwear amongst other things. All dumb. I mean what is wrong with wearing a tracksuit? Sure theres a time and a place, you wouldn’t rock up to dat so fancy restaurant in your Kappa popper lime green tracksuit of course so surely its the time and place that would be the faux pas and not the tracksuit itself? I’m currently wearing a pair of trackies right now, Its time to chill your beans on the tracksuit front, embrace the lounge wear. Can I ask since when did footwear come with age limit? I practically LIVED in my jelly shoes this summer at the ripe old age of 25 like i’m sure I pretty much did back when I was 5. 

So riddle me this,  Like does it count if you’re wearing 2 different coloured denims? For instance i’m wearing black and pink denim, is that still like a fashion suicide thing? Basically it doesn’t matter Is what I think i’m trying to say is I do not care and nor should you in a all around the house kinda way. You wanna rock those socks and sandals? You freaking go for it, you wanna fashion some sort of dress out of the stash of carrier bags you got under your sink, sure why the hell not pal? You like you do it, always always do you. I think that is my only ‘’rule’’ I have when it comes to the fashion choices I make. I think this is so so important. I loosely follow fashion, i’d be a liar if I said I didn’t, there are certain trend elements I channel and add to my wardrobe, its a given but its always done my way. Creativeness is key and guess what? Its super fun too!

What i’m wearing in this post isn’t necessary ‘’out there’’ and breaking all da rules, I was merely highlighting the double denim thing and well its turned into a ramble being one of the biggest tangents I think i’ve ever been on whilst writing. Messy post.
This is actually quite toned down for what I usually go for. I was on my way to see my family in Leeds last Sunday and James and I spotted this mural just down the road from our house and thought it would be a good place to shoot for blog pictures, the passing traffic was oh so off putting. I haven’t worn these H&M dungarees since summer and spotted them whilst doing a bit of wardrobe reorganising and transitioned it into winter wear by adding tights, a long sleeve you know I all go ga-ga for all the layers and my docs. To finish I grabbed my “only you” pastel perfection jacket I brought home from Harajuku, I love it so much I never ever want to take it off. 

What do you think about fashion trends and breaking the rules? How do you like to mix things up a bit?

Dungarees H&M | Top NewLook 

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  1. Nice post. Denim on denim is so cool and rules are meant to be broken. Looking all Matchy isn't a good look, so the pink denim jacket worn over the dark one suit gives your look a twist.

    Jo x
    Happy Holidays :)

    1. Thank you! I feel the same, match match is only good in co-ords etc ^_^ x

  2. Fashion rules are just silly, even the uptight fashion rule followers break them when the faux pas becomes trendy, remember last summer when socks and birkenstocks were the cool thing?
    Do whatever you think looks good! I love the pink denim ith black denim!

    1. They are! I love breaking fashion rules its so fun. I really liked the Birkenstock and sock thing haha! Thank you lovely ^_^ x


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