December Lust List

December Lust List

Inspiration struck this evening and a overwhelming urge to post on my blog hit but with zero content I had nothing to play with, like zilch not even a back catalogue of ‘’maybe’’ pictures stored away in my iPhotos [they're all a never]. Today I was meant to do all the blogger prep as I was heading into York, as it is one of my favourite places to shoot for my blog I thought I would take advantage. Unfortunately the British weather had other ideas, it has literally rained since the moment I stepped out my house at 9am this morning and its probably still raining now, i’d look out my window and check but #Lazy. I thought i’d have a play again on that well loved but oh so dangerous app Polyvolre you know the one ;) I’ve grouped together some of the stuff I have done some serious lusting over the past month[s].

1) Urban Outfitter Ellie Triangle Strap Bra Coming in at £24 kinda pricey for a bit of lace but i’ve completely fallen for the black trim on the red lace contrast and in real life its oh so pretty.

2) Adidas Berlin high neck top I Originally saw this in Urban Outfitter last week and esstsnailly fell in love as soon as I saw it. I’ve pretty much not been able to stop thinking about it since I saw it in store, sad yes. I scoffed at the £28 price tag and searched the internet finding it for £26 on the ASOS website. However, using the ASOS app will grant you an extra 15% sadly as I clicked to check this bad boy out it had sold out completely in a 10 or anything under, leaving the smallest size in a 14, sigh. 

3) SkinnyDip Cat Bag I feel as though this was made with me in mind. It embodies everything I love in a bag, its a freaking Maneki Neko for crying out loud, AS A BAG. In the sale now for £21, I did ask my lovely little sis for this for Xmas so we shall see what’s under my poorly decorated plastic Wilco tree on December 25th.

4) Urban Decay Gwen Stefani Eyeshadow Palette Oh mother of all things make up, would you just take a look at this? I’m always out of the make up loop of the new up and coming thangz to happen in the world of collabs and what not but it was hard not to be made aware of this very exciting mix. Spoiler alert, my papa has very kindly purchased this for my for Christmas. I best get watching some YouTube tutorials on how to use this as well, I suck. Coming in at £40 and its cruelty free too -bonus!

5) Crossbones Bloody Mary Metal I’ve been wanting one of these rings for a very very very very very very long time. Very very. But I have never had £45 I could just part with to get my hands on one I always have these things called bills to pay like always that has made it near impossible to get my hands on one. One day every one of my fingers will wear a different BMM ring, well thats the dream anyway.

6) Buddha Long Drop Earrings Regal Rose/ Drop Dead one of my ultimate woman crushes Hannah Snowden - now Sykes did a little collab with Regal Rose a few months back and well I obviously fell in love with the whole collection. I did finally get round to purchasing a pair in the black Friday sale, I came home from work the day after they arrived in the post and I kid you not they just disappeared. Later I found one on the stairs but beats me where the other one went. Cry for me as they are now back up to £18.

7) Thin Line Ord Pendant Vivienne Westwood Vivienne Westwood is Bae, I am so so sorry for for using Vivienne Westwood and Bae in the same sentence but i’ve loved that woman and her designs since I can remember, all the punx. I don’t tend to to go for designer wear per say but I would quite happily spend all of my Dolla in Vivienne Westwood, like empty my bank account i’d probably only be able to afford the sleeves of one of the jackets but still just take it. I do love the simplicity of the necklace and that it can be worn everyday to be then dressed up. I don’t think the price tags too bad either at £60.

8) How To Be Parisian I’ve wanted to read this for a little while now, its shown up quite a lot on the bloggershpere in the blogger cliche photos, Instagram feeds and YouTube Hauls. Payday purchase? Yes yes not bad for under a tenner.

9) UO Exclusive Calvin Klein Black Foil Underwear Set I’m kinda disappointed in myself that I have fallen victim to wanting one of these very popular with the IG ladiez CK sets. Like the grey ones I saw popping up just kinda reminded me of old mens even older underwear [sorry] not a fan of, the black set was a bit better, but in the same trip last Saturday to UO as mentioned earlier in this post I saw the UO exclusive foil version and kinda loved it. Shame the whole set would set me back £48 otherwise It may have well been put into a little paper bag and on its way home with me faster then I can say ‘’I can’t afford this”

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  1. "How To Be Parisian" is on my to buy list too! Had the book in my hands at Waterstones the other day and was so close to buying it! But not this week!

    1. Fingers crossed I get it for Christmas ^_^ x


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