10 Things I miss about Japan

Is it possible to be home sick to a place that isn’t strictly speaking your home? I mean it is in mind but unfortunately not in body. I didn’t realise how much I missed Japan until I started weeping into a copy of Japanese Nylon magazine I picked up whist out there. I got a wave of actual sadness like i’d just broken up with the love of my life or something. I’m all about the dramatics when it comes to my oriental paradise. 

1) Everthing is so damn cute and kawaii, it left myself exclaiming in excitement at everything I spotted, something more kawaii then the last. I mean they had pink chibi construction men as building railings for crying out loud. I also saw a tonne of Hello Kitty traffic cones, srsly. 

2) The shopping. Oh man oh man did I do some damage to my bank account. Forget London/Paris, Tokyo is for serious shoppers. I could of spent hours trawling though the shops/stalls/markets looking at errythang but I don’t think I would of still had a boyfriend at the end of it and I would of traumatised Lewis. I still wonder how I managed to bring it all back. 

3) The culture. I loved being able to go explore shrines and experience their culture that is a total contrast to their complete crazy side which I have equal love for. 

4) The candy. I’m surprised I didn’t end up 4 dress sizes bigger and 3 stone heavier. I literally did not stop eating all the cake and ice-cream. My philosophy was that i’m not going to be back there in a very long time so I may as well stuff my face with it while I can? Can I get a hell yeah!  

5) Its the freaking birth place of Totoro and all other Studio Ghibli magic. We didn’t get to go to the museum [my heart still breaks remembering] but that fluffy forest trolls presence was very much about everywhere we went.

6) It was fun to photograph. A weird one but the colours and the light made it very enjoyable to capture with my camera. Even though I tried to balance out actually experiencing it though my eyes, it was hard not having my Canon permentaly stuck to my face wanting to capture every moment and feeling of the spot I was stood in. 

7) Harajuku. Need I say anymore? If there is anywhere in the world I feel I belong its that crazy town. All the feelz all the love. That I just can’t.even Whilst wandering around the streets and walking past the apartments I could envision myself living there in one of the apartments I most definitely would not be able to afford. 

8) The Street style. Linked closely with Harajuku the street style was second to none, I spotted the best street trends in Harajuku in particular that gave me all the heart eye emojis and wishing my wardrobe was half as exciting. To be in Harajuku/Tokyo for fashion week would be an absolute dream. 

9) Everything is gorgeous, i’m not even kidding. The phrase attention is most defiantly noted in Japan. 

10) You can go to a town where dears will bow at you for a biscuit, like what even?

Bouns point:

11) They’re just as bat shit crazy about The Moonins as I am. I even got to go to a Moomin cafe where I dined with Moomin Papa whilst eating the best waffles and ice-cream i’ve ever had EVER.

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  1. Aww, it sounds and looks wonderful! I'm a fan of kawaii as well, and also of Studio Ghibli! :D

  2. The deer bow for biscuits?! :O


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