Trending; That Lace Up Hype

It’s no secret I am a huge Ark fan girl. I am forever browsing their website and having a basket constantly full and ready to hit ‘’Buy now” once pay day comes round. Their clothes are reasonably priced and they seem to alway have on a wicked sale, like the clothes equivalent to DFS sale, [have you seen their current 30% off EVERYTHANG on the site offer at the moment? All the heart palpitations] Seriously payday where you at? I was browsing through Instagram one night and saw Ark was having an event over in Manchester, the event looked like so much fun so I took to Twitter and messaged Ark to see if they were planning on an event in Yorkshire anytime soon. I soon got a response advising that it was their first ever one and that they were hoping to do more in the new year. Now heres the embarrassing part. . . . Becca the girl that was manning the Ark Twitter page said she had noticed me always interacting on their Instagram a lot [may need to cool the liking of eerrthing] and didn’t realise I was a blogger [I still feel weird people ask that and have ‘’I guess I am’’ smiley face attitude towards it] Something very magical happened. Becca asked what size I take and said she would send me some samples from the event that were left over. You have no idea how thrilled I was and how had it was to stop myself from squealing at my desk reading their message. 

The next day the best ever blogger mail I have ever received arrived, I had so generously been sent some high waisted tartan pants - i’m always about the tartan. A gorgeous blue velvet skirt and the most deliciously festive lace up bodice with a slight bit ‘o sparkly. I was really excited about that and it is definitely one of this seasons ‘’must have’’ trends I have noticed at the moment. I had been contemplating in taking the plunge in purchasing one myself and following the trend. I would’t really wear something so revealing and the plunging neckline made me gulp in a can I really wear this and not feel all kinds of daft kinda way. But I am a member of the no bweebz club so I think I got away with it as I don't have anything really to reveal. Now it wouldn’t be a typical Jess outfit post if something I was wearing wasn’t clashing or by the rules of fashion didn’t go. So obviously I wore the velvet skirt Ark so kindly sent across too. Here i’m showcasing wearing blue with black, oh so very naughty in fashion land but in Jess land I like it I wear it *sassy girl emoji* Honestly you can’t even tell, i’ve worn so much worse together. . . .but thats for another post ;)

Top Ark | Skirt Ark | Necklace Topshop | Boots ASOS

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