Tokyo Photo Diary Part 1

It's currently 5.22am and much to my resistance my body been fighting sleep since around 4am. I've waved my white flag in surrender jet lag [you've got me] and taken to downstairs whilst James sleeps to do something productive as i'm so bloody wide awake. Perfect time to catch up on some blog posts no? May or may not be listening to The 1975 simultaneously whilst writing this. I know I know I've made my feelings quite clear on them but I bought my boy tickets to go see them in March as he missed out on the November tour for Christmas and well I though I best get familiar with their album. They're alright I guess ;) Not my usual thang and not a patch on our Hayley but they're ok. [Still don't get the Matty Healy Hype]

If you've been following this lil old blog of mine for a bit, my social media accounts you'll be more then well aware I had been planning and saving for a trip to Japan for well over a year now. As I literally took thousands of pictures, not even a exaggeration Instead of making one mammoth post i'll be doing photo diaries of my 2 weeks sent there, yeah? yeah.

I hate flying. Like its literally not the one, so as the date of our departure was approaching and quite rapidly, I had a mixture of excitement and fear swarming around my stomach like weird butterflies. I've mentioned before I travelled when I was 19 and I hated every moment I was in the air and on my last flight home I vowed I would never board a plane ever again. As it had been a good 6 years since I last flew I thought i'd be ok. I went to the doctors, got something to take the edge of the anxiety and panic attacks I may encounter and tried to face it with optimistic confidence that i'd be fine because I was going to freaking Tokyo for goodness sake with my best friend and his brother. 

Yeah no that didn't go to plan. The nerves came and as you walk down that little tunnel of death to get on the plane, I felt like I was walking to my execution [so dramatic]  this water stuff started rimming at my eyes. and spilled over. I started to cry. 1) I rarely cry. 2) I most certainly do not cry in public. It literally wouldn't stop. I could see the panic in poor James eyes as he clocked on I was starting to get really upset. There is literally nothing you can do to console a person that is terrified about flying, they kinda just have to get on with it. You can throw all the statistics and ''This is the safest mode of transport'' at me but if you're scared, you're scared. We flew with KLM and the staff were so great when they saw how panicked I was, took me to my seat and were just lovely. The Pursor, Bartem came back once I was at my seat with tissue and asked if there was anything else he could do for me. I thanked him and kind of started to relax. He told me it would be slightly bumpy on the way up but should be smooth once we levelled off. Once we were in the air he came to check on me once again. He had such a lovely claiming aura and honestly without him being so attentive and seemingly to genuinely care that I was scared made me feel a whole lot better. If only I could take him on my 10 hour connecting flight to Tokyo. As we landed, Bartem passed me a paper bag, made a little joke of me surviving the flight and said he wanted me to have a drink on them on my next flight. Honestly touched I thanked him and told him how much he helped me. In my bag he'd put in a little personal sized bottle of Cava, 2 packets of chrisps and a KLM passport cover! So sweet. No tears on my next flight, just a lot of restlessness and a longing to be on the ground.

After being awake nearly a full 24 hours we arrived at our destination, too excited to notice the lack of sleep. It was hot in Tokyo, and all I had packed was jumpers, coats even a hat scarf and gloves literally all the layers [October/November is usually cold no?] We caught the limousine bus to our hotel, just over and hour and a half away from where we were staying and we were all just staring at everything, everyone with huge smiles on our faces not really being able to take in we were in Tokyo we had made it, after all the dreaming we were all there. As the limousine bus pulled away the staff members that had taken our baggage from us and loaded it under the bus bowed until we were no longer in site, I exclaimed this perplexed as I was used to all the eye rolls back in the UK if you dared ask someone in Tesco where the milk was. 

It was so weird when we finally reached the hotel and checked in, not being so bothered that we had been awake for God knows how long as soon as we got into our room I crashed and hard. I was starving not daring to eat on the plane coz nerves so tired and wanting a bath. We cleaned up went downstairs to the hotel restaurant and ate and then slept once back in the room not at the restaurant table that would be weird. Ultimate bliss as I got into bed, falling asleep full of contentment that I was in Tokyo and for 2 weeks. After the longest nap ever, sleepy and groggy not really wanting to waste any time we headed out to see what Shinjuku had to offer for us. The pictures basically just do not do justice to the bright lights, the colour everything. We strolled around for a bit, trying to find somewhere to eat, spying down the traditional Japanese streets with noodle bars where you literally sit on a stool in a make shift shake/shed surprise surprise everything was in Japanese so we didn't know if we'd be walking into a gambling joint, a ''massage parlour'' ahem or a restaurant. We found somewhere ordered pizza [so cultural] a few drinks and headed back to the Hotel for an early night ready to take on our first full day in Tokyo bright and early.

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