Tokyo Diary Part 2 - Exploring Asakusa

This is the third time I’ve picked up my Mac and tried to write this post. I’m not really sure whats up with me at the moment, I’m just not ‘’feeling it’’ and find my writing is coming across as i’m trying way too hard for it to be funny/interesting and i’ve lost my flow a bit. I have a lot of ideas bouncing around my head but the transition from mind to blog just aint happening back. Am I loosing my blogger mojo? How can that simultaneously happen when this is the time i’ve become most enthused and really want to work hard on this space of mine? I thought i’d give it another go before I hit the gym. 

Sooooo Toyko eh?

I’ve officially been home a week from Tokyo, leaving my heart there consequently. So obviously Ima give you today another photo heavy post giving you a little taste into my trip to the far East whilst I sigh at every photo I upload and wish I was still exploring. Showing you how colourfully gorgeous this country is, in my not really well put together descriptive words and photos is gonna be tough, but i’ll try my hardest I promise.  We had this morning been to Shibuya to check out the crazy crossing. Think that “Fast and Furious, Tokyo Drift Scene” [Yeah I watched it and yeah I’m embarrassed about it.] where there was the race at the end, I forget what relevance it has in the film but theres the big crossing full of people weaving in and out like ants and the car goes plumiting  into it. [I didn’t really do a good job explaining it did I?] Anyway its this massive crossing thats all chaotic and as we were in the area, we wanted to check that out. 

After checking out the crossing madness, went to Asakusa more of a traditional side of Tokyo. To be honest we didn’t really know what was there to offer. I’m so glad we made the as trip as it turned out to be one of my favourite places and i’m still kicking myself we didn't go back at least once the two weeks we were there. We were blessed with another gorgeous day so everything looked doubaly beautiful. We found a traditional market full of little trinkets and things to bring back as gifts and souvenirs. As we were in one stall we heard music and noticed people starting to split themselves either side of the path way. The lady in the shop informed us a Samurai parade was coming. We went outside to join the others in watching the parade. I have shot some of the parade and quite a lot of our trip so I am hoping to do some videos sooner rather then later but I just need to get my editing down before I even attempt to show you guys. Once the parade past us, people started following it leading right to the Senso-ji shrine, an ancient Buddist temple, being Tokyos oldest. 

Dominating the entrance to the temple is the Kaminarimon or ‘’Thunder Gate” Within the gate is a huge paper lantern painted the most vivid and gorgeous red colour.  Once passed the gate and into the grounds we came across people ''cleansing'' themselves near the these huge incense burners, a huge Pagoda and other as beautifully decorated buildings. James and I picked out our fortunes in the main hall the scent heavy with incense burning and people paying homage, mine was a good one James’s . . . . not so much ha! Whilst I was wandering around the grounds amongst the hoards of tourist I found myself being very watched. Turning towards the source I found a little crowd of elderly Japanese people all grinning at me. One in very broken English pointed to their camera and asked ''Picture’’ at first I thought they wanted me to take some snaps of them but then soon realised it was me they wanted to snap pictures of? I said sure and before I knew it I had a group of people all snapping away at me with dead fancy cameras. So somewhere in a Japanese household I could well be in their holiday album pointing, me out to their family members as “”the weird girl we saw at the Senso-ji shrine’’ Aces. . . .

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  1. What an amazing place to visit. Everything is so colourful and charming despite the time of year. So glad you had a wonderful time!
    Bee |

    1. Its such a gorgeous amazing country ^_^ I really did have the best time! x


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