Causal weekends calls for casual outfits

Ok so it is kinda hard to think up of interesting outfits to show off post after post, keep your readers engaged and listening. It is partially hard when all your spare cash is tied up for Christmas gifts so the need to recycle outfits is critical and even harder in the winter when its cold and you just CBA, you want to wrap up in anything that will resemble a walking version of your bed. You dress for comfort and warmth and extermination kinda just goes out of the window -Theres only so much you can do with a coat and basically practicality wins in winter. I’d be a complete lier if I lead you to believe I dressed [in my opinion] in a flawlessly put together outfit that was blog worthy everyday. Some days when you wanna just throw on a comfy pair of leggings, a big hoodie and an even bigger coat, I wanted to show you ''Jess off duty'' [that made me cringe so hard].

This weekend James and I headed down to Cheshire to visit his family. It has become so much easier now to pay visits after newly acquiring a car with help off Jeff and Gaynor - [thank you so much guys!] meaning we now have more freedom and no longer have to rely on public transport. Looking out of the window the morning we were heading down I just craved all the big hoodies and comfort. Especially when we planned to venture out into Manchester to start and hopefully finish our Christmas shopping whilst simultaneously do some exploring too. So I opted for the love of my wardrobe at the moment, my checked jacket has practically been surgically attached to my back since bringing it back from Japan. I feel like i’m wrapped up in a fleecy duvet and basically get separation anxiety when I can’t wear it. Same goes for these leopard print leggings [I am a jeans hater gimme all da leggings/treggings] and well the oversized Tokyo hoodie too.

I've have been coming to Manchester on and off now for years, mostly for shows and to visit friends at uni so I do feel quite familiar with the city and enjoy returning visits. I like the niche shops selling unique nic-naks, the museums and art galleries and the abundance of places to grab some food. Also not wanting to waste an opportunity to fit in something for my blog, I always have my camera with me "just in case" so we hunted down somewhere that would provide a colourful back drop to make my casual ensemble a bit more exciting. We’re planning a returning trip very soon to pick off where we left off exploring. Plus theres a store called Oklahoma I need to return to where James and I picked up a copy of Alice and Wonderland and Peter Pan so gorgeously illustrated to give each other at Christmas [LOL] I could of defiantly emptied my bank account in there. We only had limited time and the weather was getting hella crazy I’m guessing we only began to scratch the surface of some of the wicked street art. I’d move here in a heart beat if ya no James changed his mind, I could bring all my friends and well basically not feel like I was turning my back on Yorkshire.

Coat Forever 21 | Leggings Topshop | Hoodie Forever 21 | Shoes Vans

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Aaaand with the Sunday just gone being the windiest day ever in Manchester, there of course are gonna be a few out takes. I wanted to be all wind swept anyway, ft creepy eye wrinkles from when I creepy smile. 


  1. I really want to visit Manchester, the shopping there sounds amazing. Love your coat so much! Comfy and cosy outfits are definitely what's needed in winter, but it's always good to have a statement coat to make them a little more interested!

    The Velvet Black | UK Style & Beauty Blog

    1. It is a really lovely place and the shopping really is fantastic. It is one of my favourite places to go have splurge. Ah this coat seriously is the best thing i’ve bought to get me through this winter, who knew i’d find it in Tokyo ha! x

  2. Great photos, that backdrop art is so cool. Love the jacket it looks so warm. =^-^=

    Sam | Momentarily Dreaming

    1. Ah thank you, the back drop is really cool! Shame theres not much street ark where I live. x

  3. Such a cool outfit!
    Jabeen x

  4. This outfit can hold it's own! Gosh my "off duty" look is ... well, a lot more off duty looking! Yours matches! Mine ... well, it would be a lot more mismatched.
    Very cool photos!


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