What I got in my MotelxIllamasqua goodie bag

Hello, wanna see a video where i'm super derp? Well you've come to the right blogpost. 
In this video, i'll be going though what I received in my MotelxIllamasqua goodie bag at the event held in Leeds last Thursday. I didn't strictly get an invite [still waiting for one of those ;)] as it was an open invitation to all and got some pretty cool stuff for just taking a selfie, winner winner something about a chicken dinner? No idea.
 I really need to find some software for my Mac where I can edit videos properly, perhaps even get my hands on final cut pro and not have to succumb to using iMovie which is oh so crappy. The video ends abruptly where James decided to barge in pre-filming [cheers pal] and I really didn't want to have to shoot the whole thing again. Watch me be awkward and struggle to pronounce words such as ''Illamasqua'' and ''Lamoda''. Seriously. I should quit while i'm ahead. . . .

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