Tomorrow I will come back, leader of the whole pack

I have been blogging since February so around 8 months. I've been doing it ''properly'' i.e engaging in twitter chats, helping my blog grow with networking and trying to find my ''niche'' [Thats if I ever find mine] for about 5 of those months. I am not very confident, i'm actually quite shy and quiet in company I don't know. I'm always doubting myself and anything I try to create. This blog isn't just about me having my picture snapped with resting bitch face and showing you what i've bought and writing about it. It's actually given me confidence to push me out of my comfort zone. I'm doing stuff I would never be able to do. As mentioned in my last post I travelled half way down the country to model clothes for a look book for a independent clothing company, something I would turn down due to my demons telling me i'm not good enough. I have a lot more coming up the next few weeks that i've agreed to through my new found confidence and new '' I can do this'' attitude. And i'm so unbelievably excited. I've had a few knock backs, but honestly they've just made me more determined.

Seriousness over, as part of a thank you I was able to choose what ever I wore from the shoot on Saturday, one of the item's I got to bring home was this day of the dead/sugar skills oversized smock dress. Available here. I love the the contrasting bright colours against the dark background and was thrilled it was on my rack of clothes for the shoot. The fabric of the smock dress is so lovely and soft and I felt was a flattering fit. Any half giants out there like me will also be happy to hear the dresses are a decent length so you don't end up loosing your dignity by showing off half your bum, onto a winner there! This print is also perfect for the upcoming Halloween season OR if you're like me and have a Halloween attitude 365 days of the year, you can where it whenever the heck you want. All these dresses are lovingly hand made and designed the quality and unique cute designs are worth the money. I want them all like now. 

Now you all know I'm a shopaholic [and yeah yeah I broke my ban, I lasted like 6.5 days big whoop wanna fight about it?!] and I can't bare to go past a Primark without a little glimpse in to see what bargains they have to offer. Well whilst in Brighton I obviously found one totally not by using google maps to locate it and well I sort of tripped and fell into A/W goodness. I like to layer up, I like baggy oversized stuff. I have an oversized Cardi from Ark i've had for years that I wear so much its become a part of me. Legit separation anxiety hits when I can't find it or it's in the wash. I'm sure we all have more then one items of clothing we feel that way about. I feel this blanket/cardi thing will be my new second skin this winter, that I can alternate with my berry cardigan. I was supposed to be looking for a new coat and well ended it with this and I'm all heart eye emoji for it. 

Do you have anything that you practically live in or is it just myself that has separation issues with materialist things?

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  1. That's a gorgeous dress! I would wear it all the time, too! I have a proclivity for black-and-white horizontal striped sweaters. Can't get enough!

    1. Isn't it just? I think it may just be my favourite one I got to keep out of them ^_^

      Can't beat a good striped jumper ;)

  2. I adore that skull dress! And I'm totally with you about our blogs being something that gives us confidence - I much the same. For the record, I think your blog is brilliant!

    Musings & More

    1. Aw yey i'm glad it has ^_^ and thank you very much, that means so much to hear lovely :) x


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