The title has no relevance whats so ever to this blog post, I've just really really really been loving BMTH's new stuff. Like since its release i've had the album on repeat. I tend to do that, like I fall in love with something and most people have played said music so much they tend to hate it. I don't, I still love it. ANYWAY. . . . 

I'm currently in a post Japan daze, I only have 2 working days left at work [jealous? you should be ;)] that has come out way cockier then I meant it to be. Sorry sorry. And my minds kinda been racing and swarming with thoughts of ''what the fudge do I pack'', ''must remember to tell bank i'm in Tokyo lest they block my card, thats a no to all the shopping.'' and checking my passport a billion times that its still in date. The closer the trip looms, the more erratic i'll become and my obnoxious levels will be at an all time high. Just be thankful you can click ''x'' off this page, my real life people have to deal with me. Poor, poor them. Theres no ''x'' button in real life. Deep.

ANYWAY for the second time, I did a little Newlook haul using the last of my gift card I got from work and managed to pick up a few bits. The first thing I snagged after browsing the website was a cord A-line skirt. I'd seen quite a few of these skirts in stores with the button detailing down the front and definitely decided I needed to get me one of those. I was teetering on getting black, well thats the colour I envisioned buying, but then I saw Newlook did a gorgeous berry colour version and for a something a lil' bit different I went for that instead of black. Similar here. Now as a child I hated corduroy with an absolute passion. There was a particular baggy brown pair of trousers I hated and still have nightmares about. But i've slowing began to develop quite a thing for cord [who knew?] and now I must own all the cord items for autumn. 

Next up was a little glitter crop top similar here. Yes yes I know its autumn practically winter I don't know how to dress for the seasons. But its ok cos you see I can wear it with high wasited things to created the illusions its a full length kinda and only have a hint of skint on show, sassy. Plus I really love all things glittery and sparkle for winter. It's like the law to wear said things this time of year. Fashion law? I have no idea. Jess's law? Best law.

Some absolutely awful bug thing tried to fly in ma face while I had my pose on and resting bitch face out, I did not appreciate it one bit. Hey winkle chin, nice face. 

Top Newlook | Skirt Newlook | Shoes Primark 

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