The Future is now


This post will be extremely photo heavy, providing I can cope with the incredibly slow photo uploaded blogger provides. Well, its either that or my internet i'm not too sure.

ANYWAY its Back To The Future day yey. If you didn't know, where have you been. My Insta feed and Twitter has been full of BTTF related posts so unless you've been living under a rock or haven't had much interaction on the widest web [the internet] today then it's been pretty hard to miss. 
So in honour of this day my friends decided to throw a "Back to the Future'" Partayyy fancy dress of course *sassy girl emoji*

Myself and my best friend Charlotte went out for a bite to eat well over a month ago before the party and thought it would be hilarious to so as a Shark or ''Jaws 19" as we literally had no idea what to dress as. [We find ourselves hilarious as someone has to right?] Confession time, collectively out of the 3 movies i've watched about 45mins. I'm not really a huge fan [sorry sorry] But my friends are. So I was really really stuck for ideas. Charlotte and I spent a vast amount of time whatsappin' pictures of shark costumes back and forth to each other, the infamous ''left shark'' made appearence obvs but a little out of our budget. Charlotte found these beauties and right in our price range too, aces!  

On the night of the party my friends had excellent decorated there house all Back To The Futureie complete with home made signs and futurist ''YOU'RE FIRED'' faxs everywhere 10 points for decors lads. Charlotte the creative bean that she is even fashioned ''Jaws 19'' signs to make sure everyone really knew who we were. The night consisted of far too much food consumed, I ate A LOT of Charlottes banana bread she is honestly a kitchen wizard jumping around to pop-punk until gone 2am [well me and Charlotte were, its our thang to dance ridiculously to bands] and having pictures taken next to a Delorean. Yes thats right my friends they have their very own Delorean super fans!

I've got a lot of love for this girl, she's forever keeping me in check <33
P.s TOTAL finge envy alwayz.

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  1. I have never had party envy before, but I admit, I'm seriously jealous of this one! What a great idea, I love those films!


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