Where has this week gone? It's literally flew right by my eyes without me and all of a sudden it's Thursday and I've only uploaded one measly blog post. Whoops slipping into my old ways where I blog once a week. Bad Jess. In my defence I have been incredibly busy AGAIN. Travelling down the country, doing all the over time ever [hey I managed to close off both my contacts early and got a £100 gift card from work as a thank you, I'll have fun spending that in Manchester this weekend] and last week I joined the gym so I have this new found enthusiasm to be super health girl eating all the health being all the health. Bets placed to see how long it last. On the flip side of that, i've also developed this other attitude where I think its totally ok to eat 17 of the office biscuits before 9.30am and eat 3 of the 12 chocolate bars stashed in my draw at work, also what i've won. My Poor James has only had his PS4 to keep him company, not like he minds really. I'll be thankful when the weeks slow down and work returns to normal pace, I feel like I'm always on the go. This is the last week overtime is on for the year which means more of a presence in the blogging world -maybe. Lucky you ^_^ 

Whilst on my jaunt down to Brighton I thought I would take this opportunity to squeeze in a blog shoot new surrounds and all that. Obviously as I was in Brighton where else would I do it other then the pier or the pebbled beach. I like a good pinny/sleeveless dress [honestly I hardly ever wear jeans/trousers] and on a shopping trip to Whiterose last week after work with a few work girls I found this cute little pinny thing in Primark. Perfect for the long sleeved top combo/dress I've been living in. The dress hides my permanent cake baby which of course makes me love the dress even more. Riffling my wardrobe I unearthed my Ragged  Priest glittery long sleeved top I picked up in the Ark sale last year-still with tags on. . . . ahem. Hayley Williams may also own the same one its also totally not the reason I bought it either. . . . I felt all spacey and 90s which as you all know I love. 

The tights I had on i'd been searching for a little while. I liked the mock over the knee sock effect as it's far too cold to be galavanting around with my thighs all bear, my skin is always vampire status white so it's best not to have too much of my leg on show. Don't want to scare the locals. Seriously I went travelling for a year, in constant sun and not even a hint of a tan, I fear my skin is that white it just bounces the sun tight off. Paleprobz.

Long Sleeved Top Ragged Priest | Pinafore Primark | Tights ASOS | Creepers eBay | Bag MotelRocks 

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