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I don't know how to start off this post, I feel out of sync as my blogging pattern went to shit for the past few weeks due to not enough hours in the day. This is my first week of 0 overtime and I still don't seem to be on top of things. Baby steps Jess it's only Monday. James suggested ''Bonjour bitches''. . . . Ahem. Not sure how appreciative my readers would be with that opener, all 6 of them. . . . But anyway i've kind of lost my bloggers flow and i'm hoping I can get it back and soon. 

Amongst the busy haze of jam packed weekends I spent the weekend just gone in Cheshire visiting  James's family. Whilst there we paid a visit to Manchester and I had one of the most successful shopping trips in a long while purely because I have been poor and haven't been able to spend my money of such a luxury as a shopping day to really splurge out. As mentioned on previous posts I was given a £100 gift card as a thank you from work for closing off my contracts and I thought I would save it for the weekend spent in Rain city. I have always loved Manchester for shopping and also Taco Bell. . . . We are literally obsessed with it, a trip to Manchester = Getting obese at Taco Bell. I asked James if we could move he said no which I guess actually is a good thing as i'd have no money cos shopping addiction and obesity due to Taco Bell binges, probably daily. I will most likely be doing a video haul of what I managed to snap up in Manchester, I can't wait to show you this amazing dress I picked up in Topshop, it was most definitely the buy of the day which will also be featured on my blog very soon. 

The striped top I have on was also something else I picked up in Manchester, I really like the autumnal colours and the way the sleeves sit on your shoulders, its not something i'd ordinarily go for as I thought there would be a little too much skin on show but I got it on whim and i'm really glad I did as its not as revealing as I first anticipated. AND the best part is that when it was being rung through the till it came up as half the price on the tag, when this happens I also feel like i've hit the shopping lottery and hurriedly get out of said shop before they notice whats happened. I paired it with my high waisted River island shorts that crease so easy OMG I put them on and its like all the creases, [also newly purchase, this shopping bad went right out of the window]  and my favourite ever River Island boots. Kinda not my favourite at the moment as they have started to rub on my ankle bone and this makes me all kinds of sad because all I ever do is show them love and they cause me pain. Obviously i'll persevere and seem them through because thats what you do for love. 

What have you been buying lately on shopping splurges?

Top Primark | Shorts RiverIsland | Boots RiverIsland 

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  1. Ahh, it's so long since I last went on a proper shopping trip! I'm planning one soon as I've suddenly decided I hate all my work-appropriate clothes though, mega excited!
    I love shopping in Manchester too, I've been there for gigs a few times and then spent the next day wandering around vintage/second-hand shops and found some awesome stuff. Shame it takes such a bloody long time on the train for me to get there!

    Misia xx | gowashyourface.com

    1. Ah yes Manchester is wicked for gigs too! I'd love to move but my boyfriends from there and wants to go somewhere new . . . . Shopping splurges are just the best ^_^

  2. I've actually never been to taco bell before. I wish there was one near me! I always get hair envy when I come on your blog, so pretty!


    1. Taco Bell is the bomb Hahaa! Aw thank you my lovely, I think I've had my hair like this for as long as I can remember! X


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