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Don't worry, my exploits in Brighton have not gone to my head, I haven't changed every social media bio I have staring ''Model'' Nor have I started pouting in every shiny service I come across well no more then i usually do. . . . jokes. Don't let the title of this post full ya, I just thought it sounded catchy, just me? OK. P.s this is going to be a rambly biggie'

So let me rewind you back to a few weekends ago when I was sat on the sofa on a drizzly Friday night, scrolling though Instagram after nursing a food baby I noticed a clothing company had liked a few of my pictures and gave me a follow. Out of curiosity I had a little stalk of their page and basically fell in love with everything and began mentally calculating if I could afford to order 6 of their dresses -who needs food anyway?  I then found the company on Twitter and commented on how much I loved their clothes and if they would be appearing at any events or had any pop up shops sprouting up anywhere near me soon. They replied they didn't but they were looking for a model to help out on their Look book for their A/W15 range. Being quite shy at first I dismissed this and went onto my social media scrolling. For some reason I couldn't stop thinking about the preposition and before I knew it, I had replied to the company privately whilst simultaneously looking for Train tickets to Brighton for the following weekend. My very ammeter ''services'' were kindly in exchange for my travel paid for and getting the dresses I wore, to keep. Any girl out of their right mind would have to be mental to turn down such an offer. 

I was literally skipping about all week to the run up of the shoot, willing Saturday to come quicker. Friday came, I packed everything I thought I would need for the next day and grabbed an early night, I had to be up at 4am in order catch the train from York at 6.02am Shout out to Chelsey who very kindly offered to take me and my boy to the station then having to go to work for a full day at 9am. You did me a solid pal. It would take just under 4 hours before we reached out final destination with just one stop at Kings Cross and nerves started to set in. My head was filling with thoughts of ''what if they don't like me?'' and ''what if what I give is no good and they're disappointed with the outcome?'' ''What if its like catfish and they think I look completely different in pictures then I do in person?'' I like to worry apparently. We had a few hours to kill before meeting Danni so as mentioned in a Previous post we had a little wander around Brighton. When it was time to meet up at the train station a few hours later, nerves were really starting to settle in, but as soon as I met Danni they all melted away. She was so lovely and welcoming and totally easy to get on with. She took us to her apartment where she lives with her boyfriend Cameron who was just as equally as welcoming and friendly. We chatted amongst ourselves whilst waiting for the other girls to arrive, everything felt really comfortable. 

After about an hour of chatting the girls that usually model for Danni who are also her friends arrived at her flat [also equally as lovely ^_^]. I was lead into another room where Danni had separated on a rack the clothes that each of us would be wearing. I started having palpitations seeing the space dress on my section after admiring it on the site. After touching up our make up and fixing our hair [Brighton was windy that day] we took it in turns to have our pictures taken by Cameron in each dress for the product shots. after that we took to the streets of Brighton and started doing pictures for the Lookbook with the theme ''spoilt rotton''. At first it was a little odd having people gawk at you as your pictures was taken but after a few moments I hardly even noticed them. We spent the rest of our time standing in front of some really wicked graffiti, walking a pegasus [obviously] and awesome spots around Brighton acting like big kids with a serious bratty attitude to keep in theme with the shoot, changing outfits every now and again in the back of Beckys car ha! After we were all posed, and videoed out we headed back to Danni and Camerons placed to grab our stuff and head for the train saying goodbye to Mallory and Becky the other two girls. The four of us promised to keep in touch, we recuperated their kindness and hospitality with an invite to stay with us if they ever wanted to come and explore Yorkshire, lets face it who doesn't?! 

I want to say a massive Thank you so much Danni and Cameron, we had such a super fun day helping you out and letting me keep such lovely clothes. I urge every single one of you that has got to the end of this post to go check out Tallulah's Threads  and  make a purchase. The clothes are gorgeous and made with love by an equally gorgeous person. Lets support smaller businesses and help them get the recognition they deserve for their hard work. I know Danni sure as hell deserves it. 


Image credit  Crate47

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  2. This is so awesome! Those clothes are ace and you look amazing! xx

    1. Ah thank you lovely it was such a wicked day! These dress are gorgeous ^_^ xx


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