Leggsinton - Velvet comfort dreams

Now a days i'm all about the comfort. I'm not sure if its the recent cold snap autumn has brought on, being in a constant state of fatigue due to increased hours at work or my age? I just like to feel comfy, When plans are proposed to socialise and i'm feeling that way out and if it means I have to take my onesie off and get dressed I get all Dragons den and i'm out. This nearly happened Friday just gone,we had plans to go see friends we hadn't hung out with in a while i'm all tired because its the end of the week and work has drained me, my new gym pattern is quite intense so i'm sleepy from that too The thought of bailing to get bad food and binge watch Gossip Girl in bed was oh so tempting.  THEN I remebered Leggsington very kindly last week gifted me a pair of Donia Black velvet jogging pants. If you have been a long time reader of my blog [the whole 8 months] You will know that I am a big big fan of the brand and there joggers have appeared on my blog quite a few times now. 

I thought wearing these joggers out was a good compromise to my onesie plus how they looked created a happy medium of comfort whilst still looking acceptable to be leaving the house in without looking like a slob. You all know my feelz on jogger pants. They aint usually that flattering but Leggsinton seem to get it right every single time. Kudos, i've fully converted to jogger pants being something you can wear out and not something to lounge about in. Now which pair to wear on my 14 hour flight as i'm starting to rack up quite a collection. I also wore my new Primark top I picked up in Manchester last Saturday and I thought it worked quite well together, I think I will be wearing this outfit for the plane, comfy and cosy while i'm mid panic in the air. I wish I was joking. 

Is there any brands you have particularly been loving recently? 

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