How much can you cram into 20 hours?

Yesterday was a little surreal. It was literally the most hectic 20 hour day of my life [Yano cos I have so many 20 hour days] it's cool I like being kept busy. I'm fast paced and like to do things quick, not rushed and still taking the time to take things in and enjoy what i'm doing. If you knew me in person you would see I just never sit still. I don't know how to just chill out I feel like i'm wasting my precious hours when I could be doing something productive. . . . 

This post is a little premature but I feel so guilty for neglecting my blog all week due to work I thought i'd get you up to speed on what I got up to yesterday. A week ago on Instagram TallulahsThreads were on the look out for a new model for their look book and I unbelievably got the chance to help them out but i'll save the details of that for another post. Before meeting Danni we had a few hours to explore Brighton. I've also wanted to go for a summer weekend, but not really sure what was there. Of course theres the pier, the pebble beaches and the gay scene but apart from that I was clueless. So naturally we headed to the pier and wandered around the pebbled beaches. At this point James was hating life as I made him get up at 4am that morning and his grumpy old man mode was in full swing not perking up until I got some food in his belly. I'm pretty sure he told me he hated me at least 5 times up until that point. 

The day itself was gorgeous. The sky was the bluest I'd probably seen all year in Britain. UK why your skies always grey? Even in summer, you grey are you sad Britain? The sun was hot and made me regret the hundreds of layers i'd swamped myself in. I'm always cold and it was foggy at 4am.

After strolling around the town just for the short amount of time I had I realised:

1) I loved this place

2) The town was gorgeous and that summer weekend I wanted to spend here may juts turn into a week

3) The shopping is fabulous 

4) This post is doing it no justice at all as I sure I only scratched the surface of what Brighton's to offer

5) I'll be back, and soon

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  1. I'm so jealous Jess!
    I've always wanted to go to Brighton for a weekend/week and your photos just make me want to go more!

    1. It was amazing! Such a shame it was literally a hand full of hours ^_^ x


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