Hearts and Pumpkins Boutique Shoot

I have churned out a heck of a lot of post this week. I'm using my back log of pictures up just before I go to Japan on Thursday. [Holy shit I go to Japan on Thursday] i'll be away from my blog for around 2 and a half weeks and by the time I get back and crash into reality I feel like they may be out dated a little. I was going to film a AW haul today but we went to an impromptu Halloween party at a friends last night and crash over and today I haven't left my onesie so yeah NOT very productive on blogging part. I think i've come to the last of my stock pile, ready for anything Japan themed when I'm back. Shinfo outta the way onto the actual post. . . .

So a few months back the lovely Kate commented on one of my pictures on Instagram, and asked if I would be interested in helping out for her new online store she was hoping to open up in October. Being a huge ammeter and only ever been used to having my picture taken for my blog by James, it was going to be another one of those times push myself out of my comfort zone again -and i'm so glad I did. It was totally cool, Kate made me feel at ease when we were messaging back and forth telling me not to worry and it would just be a totally relaxed fun day, she wasn't excepting me to be all ''super model'' Couldn't get much further away ha!

So Kate decided it would be cool to shoot the pictures in a wood not so far from where I lived, and on the day Kate came to pick me up and we headed down to the location. I think these pictures and the theme of the store are timed perfectly with the pumpkins and Autumn just in time for October and Halloween just round the corner. Kate will be selling tanks and jewellery, some shown on these pictures that you can pick up from HeartsandPumpkins.bigcartel.com I had tonnes of fun with my second taste of ''modelling'' [I always feel so dumb saying that] and chatted away most of the afternoon with Kate was lovely enough to let me keep some necklaces for myself which I haven't taken off since wearing. I got play around with pumpkins, roll around in leaves and eat all the marshmallows ever. I do like how the pictures have come out, as i'm so pale I kinda look like a vampire Twishite addition, [I kinda half except to see some where my skin glitters ;)]  

Please do check out Kate's Photography site hearteverafterphotography.vpweb.co.uk
And of course the link highlighted at the top for the tanks and jewellery i'm wearing which are all on sale now. 

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  1. You are literally too cool for school. I'm a little bit envious! Your hair is perfect too.
    I love the friendships Instagram can bring!
    Bee | QueenBeady.com

    1. Ah thank you haha so kind of you ^_^
      I havemade so many friends and been given so many oppotunities though Instagram its been great! x

  2. These pics are perfect! You look stunning :).. Have an amazing time in Japan!!
    Saira X

    1. Wow thank you so much ^_^ and i'm sure I will! x


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