BRB off to Tokyo

I totally suck at flat lay photos. I wanted to do one of those really cool precision, everything centre right down to the last millimetre pictures. Jess isn't precision, Jess isn't a perfectionist. Jess is happy accident and a bit of a mess really. I'm gonna pretend that I meant to do this really cool affect that I set my camera to do cuz i'm all about the photography and just pretend that this picture didn't happen because I moved away before the camera had time to take the picture. . . .

This post was only supposed to be small and mini basically just advising that today was my last day of work for 19 days [yey] and tomorrow we are heading down to Cheshire ready for our flight to Japan Thursday [double yey] I'll be MIA on this here blog for a little over 2 weeks so things will be a little quiet. HOWEVER I am taking my Mac to upload all the millions of pictures i'll be taking. So if I do manage to grab a quick 5 minuets in the hotel room after a busy day of enjoying all things Tokyo i'll be sure to do some small updates. 

But in the meantime I'm off to go satisfy my wanderlust with my best friend. [And hopefully not have a full blown panic attack on the plane, it's been 6 years and i'm totally not looking forward to it.]

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