Yorkshire Sculpture Park - Rob Ryan Exhibition

Wanna see how snap happy I can get? This post if you bear with will demonstrate just how snap happy I can be. I can never take too many pictures let me just click click away. Japan is going to be a nightmare unless I pack like 28902709237 SD cards with me. I've been like this since I was little. I like pictures, I like taking pictures and I like experimenting with pictures. Recently my mum as an early christmas present bought me the camera of my absolute dreams and well its been stuck to my face ever since. 

Saturday James was having a ''lads day'' Wheyey off drinking with his buds in Howden. I skipped over time and headed across to the Yorkshire Sculpture Park with my cousin, her daughter and our grandma. I have been DYING to go as you will of seen from incessant tweeting if you follow me every since the Rob Ryan Exhibition has been on. Rob [first name basis BBF's and all that] makes these amazing intricate pictures from cutting designs out of card. The detail, the quotes, the cute scenes that he creates I could stare at for hours, picking out bits I hadn't noticed the last time I looked.  So naturally as soon as we got there I got all fan girl and practically sprinted to stare in awe at what works displayed - and I wasn't disappointed. 

After dreamily starting at the pieces and wishing I had enough Dolla Dolla to purchase even half a picture we headed outside to see some of the sculptures and later on find the poppies that were at the tower of London last year. The gourds of the park are wicked, discovering a new sculpture every corner you turn, taking in the beautiful landscape. This was a perfect day for me combining some of my favourite things, Art, the outdoors and Autumn, aces! I've also like serialism, cubism and anything abstract so some of these sculptures were right up my street. 

The poppies were pretty wicked to see up close and personal. It was nice to take my grandma as that was one of the things she was most looking forward to that day. After exploring and looking at all the different mediums used on the sculptures scattered around the park, it was time to depart after a lovely autumnal day and head for food.

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  1. WOAH these sculptures look amazing! I can't blame you in the least for being "snap happy" !!! New follower!

    1. Pretty cool huh? Haha I had my camera stuck to my face the whole time. Aww thank you, right back at ya! x


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