Topshop - The Make up game, who you calling chubby?

As mentioned in my other make up post [Here] I am not so good at the whole make up thing, the fads the techniques and the must haves for your make up bag. As long As I have an eyeliner as dark as my soul and a foundation that covers my teenage scarred skin i'm good.

After a a Bloggers chat on Twitter, I started talking to a girl who was showing her favourite Autumnal make up she had previously bought from Topshop, she sent me a picture of the shade. Instantly I thought it was oh so gorgeous and I definitely, obviously needed it for this years Autumn/Winter months Ahem. The shadow is such a gorgeous bronze colour and when added to the crease of your lid has such a lovely subtle glitter not too much for an every day look but then when the colour is packed onto the eye it can be a little more Christmas Party season. To say I hate the premature use of the big C this is my third post mentioning it, gross. Whilst on the Topshop site I decided to check out the rest of the brands make up range. Eye Liner is defiantly the staple of my make up once I find a liner I like I pretty much stick to it, HOWEVER [Caps locks to make sure you're still paying attention there ;)] I was very much intrigued by this chubby black marker eyeliner thing. I had once before bought something similar a few years a go from UO, it was alright dried up pretty quick which is one of the main reasons I like to stick to my gel pot and brush. I do actually really like this one, I'm not the neatest when applying liner and I think out of the 8 years of wearing flicked eye liner i've managed to execute the perfect wing around 3 and a half times. This one is pretty easy to use and aids me getting neater lined eyes, as  I suck. It's quite dark, it don't come out all wishy washy and grey so no need to go over the line over and over.

What have you recently newly introduced to your make up bag and routine?

Must remember to paint nails if I'm shooting make up and will be holding products ;)

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