The Foundation that changed it all

I'm not good with make up. Make up baffles me and their techniques [what the frack is contouring?!] I was a huge tomboy and started using make up at the age of 15 and done it the same way ever since always behind on make up fads and techniques. Like my clothes I am a bit of a cheapskate when it comes to make up. I have never really been able to afford expensive brands [any money I had I'd rather spend on clothes] and when doing my make up shop I'd reach for anything that was on offer or good old collection 2000, £1 foundation anyone? My sister* who is a complete and utter make up fiend would always be buying make up that had just come out to test it, use it a few times and then pass it onto me winner. Now that my sister lives down south I no longer get make up hand me downs and have had to fend for myself. Nightmare. I see girls lusting over new Naked palates and know it would be completely wasted on me. I just don't get make up, i'd love to be able to create smokey eyes and the perfect wing liner. I just can't. 

Recently I decided it was time to invest in a decent foundation [I say recently I bought this back in April]. I have really really bad skin. When I was in my teens I had really bad acne and I can't remember the last time I had a clear complexion, if ever. I wanted a foundation that would cover my blemishes but not look too ''caked'' on and thick. Trawling the internet, googling reviews and asking fellow bloggers what their favourite MAC was being mentioned and recommend the most. MAC to me is something I would buy if I was REALLY treating myself one month I didn't know if I could justify the prices for a make up product I would want to wear everyday. The ultimate decider was again asking my make up queen sister what she thought. She hugely recommended  Mac studio fix for me. I went on their site, choose the palest shade [goff lyf] I took the plunge, I bought the foundation. 

*Excuse the horrible graining quality of the picture, I had to tax it from my sisters Instagram account but can we all just take a minuet to admire how drop dead gorgeous she is? Bitch ;) She got the good genes and I got nuttin'. Cheers biology. 

I was really really impressed with the coverage the make up gives. How it stays put and doesn't really need that much of a touch up. I've had my bottle since April and I still have a tonne of the stuff left. Worth every of my hard earn't pennies. AND it doesn't do that thing where you can't see your natural skin tone and end up looking one colour. I know its not a new product and my guess is most ladies out there have it in their make up bags but I love it. If you're anything like me and don't know weather you should invest so much money in something you essentially just smear round your face on a daily basis my answer would be yes absolutely. As i'll probably be buying again and again, I have started an expensive make up habit i've been trying to put off for years. 

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